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Pro Tips

Right clicking in a map ("M" key) will bring you a higher level map. (AutumnalDusk)

Stay with your main quest line, don't think you won’t need it. Zentia provided great story line and you have to stay with it if you want to obtain titles, gear, and unlock hidden areas.(LittleSis)

Try to join a guild as soon as possible because you can save your money doing that and you won’t have to buy sacred stones from the walking vendor because you will get them for free in the guild. There are also guild loop quests that at lvl 41 + can give you 3-5 gold daily. The guild instance quests also give you one gold.(LittleSis)

Level your taming and life skills. Try to keep them updated to your level so if your level 5x you must have level 6 taming and your level 6 life skill.(LittleSis)

Try to learn how to dodge and block. If you don't want to get owned by a PvE boss or PvP player you have to learn how to use dodge, and time it well . Dodge and block will save your life many times.(LittleSis)

Doing loop quests everyday provides you with good money and decent exp. Stay in touch with your government\immortal honor points and try to level them before you start to quest everyday.(LittleSis)

Hammermole is a mini game on the events tab (The ! located above your minimap) You can play it 3 times a day and the top scorer gets 18 silver and lots of exp(everyone wins but you should aim for 1st!). It is available after you are level 20 and is an excellent source of income for buying all those skills. The rocks on the floor of hammermole can also be repeatedly hit until they break revealing even more silver and on a lucky strike a Silver chip (Lanwe)

You can go to the Fairy Guild everyday and talk to the npc in front of the instance portal for 10 silver and 1000 exp (Lanwe)

Get in a party. It makes things go faster which turns into faster exp and friendships in the game. (Jimmycap)

If you want something sold, set up a shop in the exchange sever. There is no tax to set up a shop in the exchange server. (Jimmycap)

If you can, leave your PC on and have your character dance. Also, Dance King Books increase this XP, so pop that before you head to bed. Free XP and much better than if you were to do nothing. (Jimmycap)

Attend War Of Camps, regardless of whether you win or lose you will get good exp and gold. Don’t tie though that gives the worst prize. (Jimmycap)

The Clam in East Shore of Serene City District gives 85k exp and a painting just for talking to him. Approach him from the water side of the shore, there are higher level mobs on the beach. He will have a question mark on his head. (FeralGirl)

This is a great game, play for the long haul and don't burn yourself out on this game. Pace yourself. (FeralGirl)

Once a day you can talk to Taoist Simplicity he gives a quest called Newbie Tutor. What you have to do is take two low level players which are over level 10 but still lower than you. You kill Sidney Huang in Monster Cave, located in Fawn Hill. Once you kill the boss you return to, Taoist Simplicity to get your reward which is a nice chunk of exp, and you can choose between Gold Ingot which you can sell for 1g, or Wisdom Elixir, which gives 40k exp at level 40. (Epicrise)

When you join a guild, make sure to not use your main weapon on the Golden Tree, the durability will decrease pretty fast. (Garlic)

If you want to increase your talisman points fast spam your skills on the Golden Tree. (Garlic)

Upgrade the level 10, 20 and 30 talismans and save them. You will need full grown talisman to smelt them and get powerful skill later in the game. (Gorush)

Try to find a party to kill the 10 position illusions, they give a lot of xp and some items you will need at a higher level. (Gorush)

Press V to follow a player or npc. (Gorush)

Pet secret skills are based on the stats you have on the pet. If you have a 5505 archtype pet:
4 Fuse Strength
4 Fierce Attack
Will unlock Feroicity ( +1% Critical strike rate, +3% critical damage ).

4 Fuse Strength
4 Resist Critical
Will unlock Braveness 1 ( 1 Vigor Regen, 3% Critical damage )
Braveness 2 ( 1 Vigor Regen, 6% Critical Damage, +1 Luck ) (Aeze)

Every Saturday and Sunday there is a 2x exp event from 10 am to 1 pm PST(Server time). Save your exp jades for this event for some extremely fast leveling.(Arapanasati)

Easy way to get from Serene City to northern area around Pond City when you're a lowbie, too afraid to go on your own:
a. Click on Lady Katealyst when you see her just outside Serene City by the trainers (or anywhere else along the road), right click her head (icon), drop down menu and follow. You'll dance with him all the way to Pond City
b. Those two officials on horseback outside Serene City? Same thing, highlight, right click & follow. You'll trot along behind all the way to the stable with horses just south of Horn Gully. (Twilla)

The experience that you get from opening the same painting raises with your character level. It's a good idea to save paintings till you run out of quests.(AK47)

Ever been hurt bad and have no gold to heal yourself? Check out the Prayer Altar in Pond City. You can find it beside, and slighty behind, the Immortal Temple on the Pond City District map. Just relax there, in time an Immortal will appear and heal you completely for free. (Rdembryo4)

Bags increase your carrying space! They are very handy for gathering and crafting.(Flamex)

Do not throw away Scarlet Stones when you run out of inventory space.(Wooter)

Pressing L will bring up the quest log. Clicking on number 2 will show you the Available quests. Pick up all the available quests before you go killing so you won't have to kill the same mobs 2 or 3 times just to get some old quests done you didn't notice earlier.(Wooter)

Use a alternate character to put up peddle shops in exchange server! No need to hurt your exp growth!(Stories)

Grouping with lower level characters after level 50, with Fairy Newbie Help buff, will reward you with tokens that can be used to exchange for powerful green items, and enchant scrolls! You both win.(Rinthiax)

All paintings reward titles. The more of a certain kind you have, the better title you will receive. Monster titles unlock the "Exorcist" titles, which grant damage based effects for both melee, and magic based characters.(GreenRanger)

Use the "Map note" tooltip to mark things so you know where they are in the future.(Helacious)

You can buy extra inventory space from the bank person even though expensive can be very helpful and even cheaper than buying more bank space once you buy alot of bank slots. (Arcticfreeze)

Remember to train your monster taming skill. Pets and mounts can provide you with great benefits or be sold for profit. You will regret not having done it when you come across an archetype pet without the skill to catch it. (Ulfur)
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