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- Tools to shop where all the characters and weapons and useful tools to Balkash and the Gold
2 - to the store where purchased from pilgrimages to the store or to the stuff was in the gifts and used ..
3 - wc to the shop where the arguments to Btaatba Pal wc -Ghali to them , including the cheap and useful
4 - the pride of any group or community to Lanta Amaaha
5 - Fund gifts to the gifts as possible to earn from the events or to the extent possible Abathalk
6 - to have friends
7 - Ptbaka information about you
8 - I think it Ptkhalak estimated raise arguments on YouTube
9 - Ptkdr Tzbt friendly settings , including the possibilities of Alabh and other things
10 - De need is very beautiful for beginners
11 - booting out of Alabh
12 - Education is very useful if you Lesa new freebee and give arguments sweet
Da possible if you're new to working email LEC play Behm Ashan learn Alabh CDA to light Ashan CDA Esmoh Education
13 - Advertising on Aldjemb Bihtoha Aorruk new arguments
14 - to people registered with the server as possible by pressing the right click and show ..
15 - chat possible people spoke Normal growth , but not have to limit spoke xD
16 - and the Gold Cache and wc
17-G.gauge gold to Ptkhals Btakhadd Gold
18 - The first box upgrade t Walkman Gump box to upgrade to Come paintings, Marc de Dragon pride
Woody Abiemlha proud owner of the official site and Haht explain the way in the other ..
19 - to set up a new room
20 - a quick start to begin play in the room quickly
21 - Renewal of uniforms to work Riverh Rooms List

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