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Wolf Team

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Welcome Welcome members
Today Jayb you played one of the strongest games online type of FPS
I hope you like it
Information about the game:
The English name of the game: WolfTeaM
Arabic name of the game: Tim Wolfe
The company programmed: Softnyx
Currently the game has been moved to the company joygame
Game Type: FPS
There Nkh of the English game and this is the Arabic version of which

The definition of the game:
It is a game of company Softnyx
It is followed by a set and FPS games are played online
Arabs and the game features a lot it Online
And its ranking system, or as it is called Pal Ranks
Also buy weapons and developed
And you can fight a werewolf by switching number 3

zoro posted at 2014-03-08 05:59:46

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