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Wolf Team

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In the name of God the Merciful .

Warm congratulations to the department the right to add a new section to the Games Pokerschool Lin ..

Usual, are always in the investigation and audit on Games and its various

Lee was the subject of a company TQ Her Conker Inc. Her Joymax Silkroad

Alan and our theme for the company is a pioneer in the field of manufacturing Games Garintha other than the above.

Company Softnyx found their way in the world of commerce opened up the road in front of her ongoing effort to

They are trying hard to look for in terms of new games Basic Information about the game Satrhaa

First and then follow the dialogue ..

Company Name : Softnyx Co., Ltd.

Date Created Company: 4 April 2001

The current president of the company and the executive : Jinho Kim

A picture of him

Staff : 88 individuals responsible .

The company's headquarters : Korea .

Detail address : A-901, Woolim Lion's Valley, 371-28

Gasan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul 153-786, Korea

WDH entitled photographer Ashan Mtohish

The first thing that imagination when Mario 2 and ask this there Hydlewk :)

Titles from electronic management :

Telephone : 82 2 2026 3250

Projects the company since its inception until today :

Created in 2001, an information network to service mobile phones affection was one month after the founding of the company .

Mtstgrbash Vakadm amaze ,

2002 : established the first Korean mobile television BNB

Mobil , followed by the size of the palm of the hand BNB

Followed by the launch of the mobile service maintenance .

2003 : the company's position in the list of global companies

Then followed by a joint cooperation with China in Mobile Services .

Followed by another cooperation with Taiwan in the same formula the past .

In 2004 : launch of the first branch in the Philippines .

And the opening of a branch in Brazil and in South Africa and initiated trade in proliferation ( for far- Games )

With more than 80 Malawians people around the world .

First treated her with the Games was during the game GunBound PC

2005 : Created the first branch serves the Americas in South America .

Created for the second game in the name of guardian

A mesh Hnicol what happened in 2006 Suffice I speak about the event Elly concerns us

On 1 September 2007, was created for the game Wolf Team

Paso had a guardian versio Huntkelm them in detail .

In the same year of October I got English version of the game

Wolfteam International (English service) launched

In the same month, also states descended Korean version .

In 2009, the company's prospects looked for the invasion of the Arab market

Specifically in the month of July Day 10 of the game was launched in the Arabic language .

Wolfteam Arab service launched

Augustus was launched in North America .

Followed by the Turkish version .

The most important post Njaanha Ktoria Created in a game (Gstar)

Woody the most important achievements of the company .

I like to add that game and Tim Wolfe created the best model sophisticated military

Bchowh affection through diverse class of weapons .

The company is capable of physical development Vhaltha very refreshed

Important information.

On March 31, 2010 , the Company appoint a company Aeonsoft

For all for game development , which in turn has published games in North America because of its

Of broker sings from the definition ..

Person is credited with the formation of the game and Tim Wolfe

Min Kim

Director of Business Development at Softnyx

Demographic info

Computer Games | Korea


Director of Business Development at Softnyx


Business Developer at Gravity, Business Developer at Softnyx,

ERP Consultant at IT Solustion


Louisiana State University

Identify him in Arabic .

Name: Kim Min .

Development Manager, Games and Business in the company Softnyx Korea .

Developer Information and dedicated to finding solutions in the ERP business .

Graduate of the University of Louisiana .

I hope you you will be aware of what is the largest made ​​by a special eyes

Congratulations on the occasion of the opening section again ..

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