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Wolf Team

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The game Wolfteam ( Wolf Team ) is a shooting game online collective in Arabic and developed by softnyx which brandished a game of archery GunBound in Arab areas . It features the game and its online ranking system or as called Ranks, also buy weapons and their development and that you can fight a werewolf by switching and more . More importantly, this is the presence of a large number of Arabs in this game. You can register for free and enjoy a game of wolf team ( Tim Wolfe ) directly . You can play using personal human or personal wolf . The game contains 12 different personal and dozens of weapons. What you need to do is register free and then enjoy this wonderful game .

Key features of the game wolf team ( Wolf Team ) :
* More than 50 type weapons and weapons development
* Humans battle against Wolves
* Realistic battles and wolves with different abilities in battle
* Visual effects
* Coexistence in the Wolves team atmosphere with music of the original game
* The use of SRS 5.1 technologies can vote Hologram
* Selling tools and team wolves

Toy Story wolf team ( Wolf Team ) ---
In 2013 , it was the discovery of a group of people have the same genetic characteristics of wolves in one of encryption DNA drupe of man, a lot of these people was easy and they are among the people, athletes with special abilities or mercenaries and they have a life span shorter than anyone else .
Combines a multinational team of drug manufacturers in the world , known as "Pfien" who devised the treatment of so-called "Epoxyn" to a disease called AIDS Alastziab also developed as "Anti-Epoxyn" and who has the opposite effect in secret was shipped to the French army .
French army has created a special booklet called "WolfTeam" team or wolves, also known as the Foreign Legion and recruit people from all over the world
Requirement of the project is to test the fitness and initial blood test in order to see if the person is suitable for the "Anti-Epoxyn" reconstruction or physical abilities to them is not important to them the power to do any crime in the country according to the customary laws between states.
Wolves team are more than strong battalion battalions humans to use "Anti-Epoxyn" No one can stop this Battalion in tactical maneuvers and stealth . Famous team wolves in a significant increase , but the French army believes that the team wolves out of control . They are carrying out the killing and destroying unimportant areas even after the end of their mission , and at the start of the bloodbath , they do not listen to any orders .
Each team has a commander teams wolves essential and every individual in this team gives full loyalty to the leader . There are orders , regardless of rank in the team wolves , finds that the French army as a show both sides of the rational result of the "Anti-Epoxyn" and began the work of the investigation team at things with Wolves "Pfien" in order to reach a solution.
At 7 days, a member of the team wolves have been killed while fighting with each other outside the scope of the task . Each military police and researchers from "Pfien" who have been asked to solve this problem has been murdered and all the team members wolves may Toaaro of sight police and army.
Team members wolves live killers hired as a profession in order to Aguetato them to live on the other hand kill to escape from the French army .

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