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Wolf Team : Lock N Load


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Wolf Team

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Wolf Team : Lock N Load

This is a simple guide or as you can see wall of text which will surely help you to survive in wolf team. Read carefully and this will help you out in your battle against humans or wolfs !
Always try to get a good vantage point to know your enemy and more if you find their weak point and what are their attacks and how long you use them. Watching all these details you can win many points for and win the battle against your enemy either wolf or human.
Since they are very quick with their attacks and arguably may come out to kill enemies or to help in your mission.Use effectively for maximum damage possible most of the time, killing enemy players you enjoy a distance,when you are a human.Throwing lid on a grenade at them directly is totally useless, the only way is to use a special technique of throwing a grenade at an angle of 45 degrees, around them to better position the grenade at his feet for the flight up on the walls when you are in the corners or somewhere, it would be difficult to throw a grenade.
When you use the grenade, instead of throwing the grenade at the feet of the enemy, throw the grenade to hit the wall behind them, this will result in grenade bounce back the enemy. This is good only in case of long-term objectives range.If the enemy is moving, do not throw to his current position, rather than that predict its movement and throw the grenade in front of them for a good kill. If you find that perfect that he has very low on health and using the wolf to hunt them down or using the grenade which is is your best friend. Just cook a grenade and stick with it, wait until the wolf comes to tear down the grenade you.Now perfect for harmful wolf grenade at some point the wolf will die is a very useful tactics.If also.This the player is in the distance and you are sure of his death, throw all your grenades at them and let them kill you, the enemy will have a lot of damage and die, possibly in the ground When you are cornered grenade and bounce of the wall is not an option, throw the grenade towards the ground.Remember not the enemy, because moving the grenade will be a total miss.But if u throw the grenade to the ground bounce and the enemy will run towards it and get the maximum possible damage from the grenades .
Red Mass and Blue are two types of grenades completely different effect.One blows the enemy away from it and is red grenade damage. shoots enemies in and offers great red damage.Using a group of enemies and then cooking this grenade is the best way to kill a complete team. Remember this is a very important aspect of a game, but using effectively is another thing that most players lack.
Each player can transform into a fearsome wolf, humans are more at a time and have a better chance of shooting down the wolfs.Only if humans stick together in other ways things are going very, very bad.So is better travel in groups. Humans can not kill a wolf 1 on 1 or face to face. To defeat a wolf without many casualties, its is recommended to have a heavy weapon with each small group. The other players must protect the heavy artillery at all costs as a VIP, because the heavy weapons that cause more damage than normal wolves do. Warning: Any man found running alone will be destroyed by wolves to humans very nice. There are some benefits to humans. The advantages are very good if the player can shoot well. The biggest advantage is that human players can use weapons, and sometimes are very fearful arms. while the target for the enemy. The best way is to go to a wall will give the enemy a hard time trying to point clearly. are some of the weapons, which allows the shoot accurately after a strafe run, the Fire-type weapons Each weapon has recoil.Some try some heavy damage, but have very high recoil, in this case the best thing to do is bust the fire that you click the mouse button for 1 sec interval.This deliver clear pictures and precise on the target, while not being affected by the great enemy's head is the biggest point that you can treat the maximum possible damage per shot. Most times this can cause instant death, as a shot in the head takes damage from a normal lobo.Since have a head larger than humans, it is much easier for humans to use this and take advantage of this mass shooting at his head which speeds the death of the wolf.
Do not try to go to car with headshots, because after 2-3 shot his aim will be back and move up which results in shots that hit the fire broke out target.Again is its area is where the his team has the highest extreme tactical advantage and his team can camp there to make up this team kills.For coordination is a necessity and can not be avoided.To to a Kill Zone, all team members to reach a cover position and the doors and outputs, while not taken by visible.
note that they are also very fast and quiet you can expect at the top to kill you and get the victory just have to monitor their movements and you can earn points if you manage to find their weak points and know their attacks would be a good option.

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