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Ultimate Guides to : ♚Wolfz♚


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Wolf Team

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Ultimate Guides to : ♚Wolfz♚

This Guide is for Wolfs and only Wolfs. This guide explains about the good and bad sides of Wolf and effective way to play with Wolf.
♟Warning : ☞Any Human found to be reading will be haunted down !☜ ^‿^
In Wolf team there are 2 types of players, the Wolfs and the Humans. Every player can transform into a fearsome wolf by pressing '3' (by default). Humans are more every time and has better chance to shootdown the wolfs.Only if the humans are sticking together other ways things would go really really bad. Humans cannot kill a wolf 1 on 1 or face to face. It is really hard for wolfs to defeat a group of humans, its is recommended to take down each human 1by1
♟Warning : Any Wolf found to be running alone will be shot down by human.♟
♚Advantages for the Wolfs♚
♟The wolfs are mainly melee based killing machines.The wolfs are more powerful,larger and have better attacks.The wolfs got special abilities to last longer and do heavy damage in short time.
♟Attacks : The basic attack of the wolf is pretty powerful and spam using this can kill a human in less than 5 second.
♟Power Attack : Power attacks need your skill and have cooldowns.These are aerial and fly kind of attacks that deal huge damage per hit.
♟Roar : Roar is an ability that increases damage and HP for a limited amount of time.
♟Run and Couch : These are 2 important thing which helps you to survive the hardest battles. ♟Utilize these skills by combining and doing combos.
♟Jump : The wolf Jump is pretty high, the wolfs can jump really and grab on to the walls and do wall runs and do an ambush on the humans
♟Unlike humans, the wolfs has 20% better defense and has higher chance of running away without a death.
♟The wolfs are able to move 30% faster than the humans which is a really huge advantage
♟The Wolfs are able to run down and hunt the humans because the wolfs are faster
♟Since wolfs are melee, the hit ratio is really high because even if the aim is not correct you deal damage, while the guns need decent+ accuracy with aiming to do good damage to the wolfs !
♚Disadvantages !♚
♟The humans has ranged weaponry, so beware of them.Since wolfs are melee only, try to kill those humans in close combat.
♟The Wolfs are large and has higher area to get shot, remember that and stay in shadows.
♟The wolfs has bigger head part than the humans and has much higher chance to get HEADSHOT.
So couch when ever possible to miss a sniper shot. !
♟The wolfs cannot use any kinda of weaponry, the wolfs are only able to use melee attacks only,so no guns for Wolfs that is no ranged weaponry
♚The Wolfs ♚
Any player can transform into wolf in most of the different modes.To become an ultimate human, the players must
Use wolf skills, hear every foot steps and be ready
Never run around in an open space.Remember that a wolf must never try to kill a human face to face if the human has any kinda of heavy weaponry.
Use your 20% extra speed and wall runs to your advantage.
Move left and right fast to make the human lose his aim and make him reload.Now, Just feel your self as wolf and haunt down those bloody humans.
Good Luck Wolfs ! =======================================================================================================
Thank You for reading this Guide on Wolfz written by Gamerz900 for you are able to find any mistakes please post those here or on my profile ♛♛♛♛♛♛♛♛♛♛♛♛♛♛

Gamerz900 posted at 2012-01-20 07:41:01

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