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Ultimate Guide : EX-Conquest and Maps


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Wolf Team

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Ultimate Guide : EX-Conquest and Maps

This explains about different game modes of the MMOFPS game Wolf Team.This guide focuses on EX-Conquest
Note: This guide can be read by both wolfs and humans.
There are 7 types of game modes in Wolf Team.Some of them have team of both wolfs and humans, or human vs human or just human vs wolfs
This mode is the classical turf war.In this mode the teams consist of both wolfs and humans.The objective is to capture various points and hold them.The advanced wolfs are available in this mode.
There are no sub modes for EX-Conquest.
There are 2 ways to win a match in EX-Conquest.They are :
All control points are captured by one of the team
More than 3 control points are captured at the end of the round by any team.
There are 5 maps which are used for EX-Conquest they are :
♕Paien Lab♕ : The story says that this is a laboratory of Paien located in the Far East Asia.It is the place where the DNA of ancient wolfs was first found and this the place where it all began :The Wolf Team Project.There are 2 paths in this map,the main path, and a tunnel like kinda path. This map is pretty much linear.This map is used in Deathmatch,Ice Hold,Conquest,EX-Conquest,Wolf Conquest
♜Tactical Advice and strategies.♜
♟The tunnels are very helpful when the other team is camping at the main path.Take the tunnels and go around them for successful back stab and sometime clean the team entirely.When this happens the enemy team turn attention to tunnel path and now the team which was waiting at the main path rush in the cleans the place !
♟When you are a wolf and you are travelling through the tunnels, repeatedly press Jump to reach higher spots and this makes you less visible to the enemy on the other side.
♟This map is really good when you are using a shotgun or a flame thrower because this map is pretty much enclosed and its easy to pin down an enemy team and put them on fire !
♟Before you rush into some camp spots, throw a red grenade and them throw a normal grenade.This is a superb combo,this will provide a little distraction and now you and your team can rush in.
♟Its better to take down all those snipers camping in the sniper deck,because they get really annoying when they pick you out during a successful raid .
♕Station♕ : The story says that, there is a train stoped in this station which a strategic nuclear bomb that African terrorists attempted to carry in.Well this map is fairly simple kind of map.Its just shoot on sight map.There are some buildings and storage containers scattered around the map.The two teams are spawned on different sides of the map.
♜Tactical Advice and strategies.♜
♟Its recommended to get medium ranged weapons like assault rifles in this map because its just shoot on sight !
♟Try to trick your enemies into dark spots in the map for a clean-unnoticed kill.
♟Its not at all recommended to camp in this map because you will surely get flanked.Its better to always keep moving .Because there are several spots in the buildings which over look at the camp spots.Especially in Ice Hold.
♟Split the team into 3-4 groups and cover the grounds parallel-y.Because this will help your team to get more kills and will stop your team from getting flanked.
♕ Wolf City ♕ : The story says the place was city built for workers in an oil rich area of Alaska. After the resource was exhausted, people left the city and the place was abandoned.But who cares about story.Just as said, this is an industrial complex. So trying to do team play and strategy play will not be possible because there a lot of hall ways, twists ,turns and hiding places.
♜Tactical Advice and strategies.♜
♟Dont camp any where because its just useless like shooting yourself.Try to capture the points when ever possible, or you will end up losing.
♟Its good to split up and conquer the capture points. But incase if the other team have Guardian Wolfs, try to kill them first or you will really have a bad time later in the game.
♕Covolt Bridge♕ : The story says this bridge connects Roxanne and Europe and it was usually used by a narcotic trafficker.Anyway we dont care about it.This map features 2 bases, a bridge and an underground area which is commonly referred to as tunnels.There are also two parallel towers on each side of the bridge having windows towards the bridge.
♜Tactical Advice and strategies.♜
♟When you are in the sniper deck, be sure to turn up the volume to hear the foot steps of incoming enemy.Its better to have another team member is AR with you incase an enemy is coming and you are not good with close range sniping.
♟Remember to clearly because its hard to spot enemies in bridge especially when you are in the sniper deck.Look carefully and you will probably find them
♟Always inform your team of incoming enemies.Especially from the sewers/bridge and those coming to your base.
♕ Frozen ♕ : The story says this place was used to develop F-Bomb,this bomb when exploded adsorb all the heat energy from everything near it including building and creatures.Thus destroying them. There was initially 4 of those F-bombs.One of them exploded Freezing this place. Three of those bombs went missing while being shipped to New York base.The Pride groups are battling to get hand of those lost F-Bombs.There are frozen buildings and vehicles in the streets but no creatures.This is a big map and has a bridge connecting two building.Most of the main battle takes place here. The spawn points are really far from each other.
♜Tactical Advice and strategies.♜
♟Try to secure the bridge first, the C point because near to the end of the game this place is really important.
♟Using Psycho wolves is good here since there a lot of places to pin down your enemy. But using melee wolfs are better if you can stay out of ranged enemies.
♟Using turrets in this map is really really effective. A single turret placed at right place can give you a clean win. So think twice before placing a turrent.
♟Ghost wolfs are used a lot in the bridge area.So keep an eye out for a small movement and hear for heart beats. Throwing a grenade is a good idea to check.
♚Special Tip : The D point is the favorite camp spot for the Ghost Wolfs. So beware of them.
Thank You for reading this Guide on♛♛♛ EX-Conquest and Maps written by♛♛♛ Gamerz900 for ♛♛♛♛ you are able to find any mistakes please post those here or on my profile ♛

Gamerz900 posted at 2012-01-26 05:01:45

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