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True Ultimate Guide : Death Match and Maps


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Wolf Team

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True Ultimate Guide : Death Match and Maps

This explains about different game modes of the MMOFPS game Wolf Team.This guide focuses on Wolf Hunt
Note: This guide can be read by both wolfs and humans.
There are 7 types of game modes in Wolf Team.Some of them have team of both wolfs and humans, or human vs human or just human vs wolfs
Not much to explain about this.This mode is the classic death match in which each team tries to rule over and kill the other team for a victory.In death matchs, each team has a bunch of wolfs and humans and so does the other team. In short its Wolf+Human VS Wolf+Human.
There are 4 types of deathmatchs, normally called Sub Modes.They are :
★Classic - This sub mode disables the ability to transform into a wolf, and allows the player to use knifes.
★Knife Mode - In knife mode, teams are only allowed to use a knife and with no other weapons.
★Pistol Mode - In pistol mode, teams are allowed to use pistols, knives, and grenades.
★Snipe Mode - In snipe mode, teams have sniping rifles, pistols, knives, and grenades.
There are 2 ways to win a match in Death Match.They are :
♥The team that has reached the score limit wins
♥The team that has more points at the end of a successful match.
There are 11 maps which are used for Death Match they are : Taksim Petra Underworld and
♕Covolt Bridge♕ : The story says this bridge connects Roxanne and Europe and it was usually used by a narcotic trafficker.Anyway we dont care about it.This map features 2 bases, a bridge and an underground area which is commonly referred to as tunnels.There are also two parallel towers on each side of the bridge having windows towards the bridge.
♜Tactical Advice and strategies.♜
♟When you are in the sniper deck, be sure to turn up the volume to hear the foot steps of incoming enemy.Its better to have another team member is AR with you incase an enemy is coming and you are not good with close range sniping.
♟Remember to clearly because its hard to spot enemies in bridge especially when you are in the sniper deck.Look carefully and you will probably find them
♟Always inform your team of incoming enemies.Especially from the sewers/bridge and those coming to your base.
♕Street♕ : The story says , some terrorist group named Axion was selling drugs and has grown to biggest drug family in the world and the government hired Pride members to sweep clean the area and haunt down the Axion terrorists. Thats just the story we dont care.This map is just pretty much of a run get kill or run and get killed map. This map is sniper friendly.Since this map is small, it is easy to pick off other players from across the whole map.There are 2 paths on the sides and one down the middle.This map is used in Deathmatch and Ice Hold .
♜Tactical Advice and strategies.♜
♟ts not at all recommended to become a wolf because this map is very open and its very very easy to get kills by a sniper.This map is very open and have very little place for hiding, incase you choose to wolf, stay away from the open roads and always rush to nearest hiding spots.Its better to rush in groups because this will make the sniper confused on who to shoot at.
♟For snipers its better to stay at your base ,because basically you can take out all targets in the entire map from there
♕Paien Lab♕ : The story says that this is a laboratory of Paien located in the Far East Asia.It is the place where the DNA of ancient wolfs was first found and this the place where it all began :The Wolf Team Project.There are 2 paths in this map,the main path, and a tunnel like kinda path. This map is pretty much linear.This map is used in Deathmatch,Ice Hold,Conquest,EX-Conquest,Wolf Conquest
♜Tactical Advice and strategies.♜
♟The tunnels are very helpful when the other team is camping at the main path.Take the tunnels and go around them for successful back stab and sometime clean the team entirely.When this happens the enemy team turn attention to tunnel path and now the team which was waiting at the main path rush in the cleans the place !
♟When you are a wolf and you are travelling through the tunnels, repeatedly press Jump to reach higher spots and this makes you less visible to the enemy on the other side.
♟This map is really good when you are using a shotgun or a flame thrower because this map is pretty much enclosed and its easy to pin down an enemy team and put them on fire !
♟Before you rush into some camp spots, throw a red grenade and them throw a normal grenade.This is a superb combo,this will provide a little distraction and now you and your team can rush in.
♟Its better to take down all those snipers camping in the sniper deck,because they get really annoying when they pick you out during a successful raid .
♕Battle Zone♕ : The story says that this place was built in the ancient times and was used for practice and education of the ancient wolfs.But we dont care about the story.This is a great big battle map.There are a total of 4 pathways in this map.They are : left side path, right side path , the bridge in the middle and the path below the bridge.Each team is spawned on opposite sides of the map
♜Tactical Advice and strategies.♜
♟This map is nicely balanced but it can also be used as a sniper heaven if you find the right spot.But always make sure that you have an SMG or AR player with you all the time because the other team easily flank you.
♟When you are the wolf in this match, never use the normal grounds.It is highly recommended to use the wall runs as much as possible because the enemy doesnt look at the high walls much,especially when turning around corners they forget to look up.
♟Radio your team when you have found a decent camp spot and then all the team members can camp at this spot and gain kills.Once your team adapt to the camp spot, its pretty hard for the other team to flank your team,especially when there are a lot of team members
♟There is a raised platform near your base, this place is a very good camp spot and in knife mode, if your team got good knifers then this place is perfect camp spot.There are basically on 2 places the enemy can possibly come from, either through the ladder or the window.
♟When you and your team is pinned down, get the hell out of that place by using the emergency
exit to the far left of your spawn point.Normally the enemy places doesnt notice that place unless they are specifically asked to.Dropping down as wolfs doesnt affect you but dropping down as humans will damage your HP
♕Arrival♕ : The story says,paien head quarter, newly built in Paris, France, is one of the tallest buildings in the world.But who cares? This is most widely used map of Wolf team, because this map is pretty cool.This map is balanced perfectly with good sniper facilities and at the same time ,provides many hiding spots and walls for the wolfs to run around.There is a heli pad on top, that heli pad in the center of the map is always at war because, gaining that heli pad, gives the camping team a huge tactical advantage.But dont forget,since there are no side walls for map, if u run too much you may fall off and die.This map is used in DeathMatch,WolfHuntRevolt and WolfHuntCounterAttack.
♜Tactical Advice and strategies.♜
♟Incase your team is better than the other, get to the central main tower and tell your alleys to camp there and provide cover fire.This will mostly grant you a nice camping place and at the same time gives your team more kills.Once in a while go near the enemies and try kill them.Now you got 2 options,a) Kill them and get shot b) Show your face ,just spam fire and run back to your camping alleys.
♟Now if the other team has already taken the main tower, do not attempt to get it back because its gona be a blood bath.Its better when the snipers just cover fire,instead of clean hit shots, and then let some of the AR and heavy weaponry team members eliminate the campers.This will not work everytime, but if you are careful enough and your team is, then your team will win the game.
♟Never stand in the open because this map is sniper friendly and probably gona get picked out by a sniper ( 80% probability chance ).
♟Couching behind the stair is a good idea. But the same trick doesnt work twice on the same player, so dont camp there for the entire time.
♕Storage♕ : The story says that large amount of Anti-Epoxyn are stored in this place and the Pride members are battling to secure their own Anti-Epoxyn.This is because the Paien has stoped production of Anti-Epoxyn .But who cares about the story?.There are two paths on each side with a middle path running through the courtyard.One side is lowered into a wine cellar and the other is raised up to the castle.
♜Tactical Advice and strategies.♜
♟The top most part is an epic camping spot.If you got a good team, you can just camp there and scores kills and hold that place for the entire match !This is because there are only two doorways which allow access to the camp spot.The only problem for the campers in this place are the grenades, be sure to run away from them.
♟This map is just filled with camping spot, find them all and you can use it when ever you are and how ever you want.
♟Since its easy to camp in this place, radio and chat frequently to keep good communication in this place other wise your team will fail.Because some people just like to base camp !
♟This map is not at all sniper friendly.Using Assault Rifles and Shotguns are best recommended.
♕Zeppelin♕ : The story says Siemens, one of the major companies in Germany, constructed the "Neo Zeppelin" by installing strong engines and creating a non-flammable body for military purposes.This was hijacked by terrorist group and nobody can shoot it down because there are many VIPs from many countries onboard !This map is basically an air ship that has an outer level on the hull and an inner level within.There are no outer walls and you will probably fall off it run and jump around too much and ofcourse you will die.This is the most open spaced map of WolfTeam.This map is a sniper heaven.There is a 'cabin' area in the middle with doors on either side.This map is not used by many because this is just unbalanced and its a sniper heaven.
♜Tactical Advice and strategies.♜
♟Dont try to be a circus monkey, dont try to go too much to the side and you will fall off. Playing this map for a few times will give you an idea about when will you fall and you understand how far you can go without falling off.Run around those parts to flank your enemies because they wont notice you since they cant see these edges.
♟Never use the open place because the snipers will easily pick you out
♟If you are a wolf, then dont go to the top instead camp in the lower deck because its not much of a sniper place. If you are lucky you will find a bunch of people there and if you are good you can score some kills.
♟The human player can hurt themself for walking off the ledge in the cargo area.Be sure and remember about that.
♟Spawn camping is really annoying in this map because the engines and fins provide good cover for campers and its hard to pick them off.Be sure to clear them out fast and its better to get out of your spawn spot and camp some where near and wait for the enemy team to arrive at your camp spot. Now take them out 1by1
♟The cabin area is a good place for campers too. There are raised areas next to the doorways which can gives a really bloody welcome for any unsuspecting players who enter there.
♟Have good radio communication and know where your enemy is !
♕Junk Field♕ : The story says that World famous weapon seller Waco hired Pride to secure the disposed weapons in Singapore harbor and the U.S. government also hired Pride to prevent them.
Container Ship,basically its pride vs pride. !This map is basically good for the snipers.Ground level battle wont take place unless both teams try to rush in together. Normally teams camp near the exit.This map is kinda open place map and not good for the wolfs !
♜Tactical Advice and strategies.♜
♟As always dont stay in the open for long, multiple snipers will aim you and probably get a shot ! Its better to bunny hope incase you wana rush. Bunny Hope is jumping and sprinting together and doing this make you a harder target to hit.
♟Experienced player will probably nail you down in this map, dont be surprised and cry out ! Always its better to stay out of the open.
There are many camping spots for snipers here. Knowing them all will give you an huge advantage.
♟Get to the enemy as fast as you can after the match starts and stay there for a while, let the snipers get to the camp position and now take out them all 1by1 from behind them.Usually in this map, one team has sniper advantage and other team rush in. So its better to get the sniper advantage fast and then camp around for better chance of killing.
♟Dont ever make the whole team of snipers, because your will have a higher chance of getting flanked.
♕Container Ship♕ : The story says that the different groups of Pride members are fighting for the shipment of Anti-Epoxyn on a ship bound for the U.S.The teams are spawned on opposite sides of the map.This map is fairly balanced. Players have the ability to go above deck and outflank their opponents below. Most of the shooting take inside the ship
♜Tactical Advice and strategies.♜
♟This top is fairly open spaced, using snipers or long ranged weaponry is recommended as you can take out targets from your camp spot.
♟When the team is rushing in to your place through the lower portion of the ship, get to the top deck and get behind them and start flanking, this gives your team a little time to rush in back and have a chance of cleaning your enemy up !
♟To get to the top of the ship, take the wolf form and run along the walls of the ship,this will take you to a lifeboat and now you can get to the top and go behind your enemies to flank them
♟When you are moving toward the center have a grenade ready, the enemies tend to gather around the center place !. Using a red grenade + normal grenade combo works like a charm and will probably get you more than 2 kills.
there are lots of hiding spots in and on top of the ship. Check all corners and listen for footsteps
Thank You for reading this Guide on♛♛♛ Death Match and Maps written by♛♛♛ Gamerz900 for ♛♛♛♛ you are able to find any mistakes please post those here or on my profile ♛

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Yeah, those double points add up.
Splooshi posted 9 years 27 weeks ago
Who cares its cool or its 800 :D and still its HIGH ( but low for such a guide... took a lot of time to type this up )
Gamerz900 posted 9 years 27 weeks ago
OH MY GUOOAD 1600 FanCoins
Gamerz900 posted 9 years 27 weeks ago

Yeah, those double points add up.

Who cares its cool or its 800 :D and still its HIGH ( but low for such a guide... took a lot of time to type this up )

OH MY GUOOAD 1600 FanCoins

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