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Guide Strategy Luminary

-=New Beginner's Guide by Luminiscence=-

Mini Content
1. Latest Events
2. Self Introduction
3. Main Walkthrough
- First 5 Beginner Quests, Siegfried, Giselle Quests
- Stat Distribution
4. What is Reputation ?
5. What is a Mentor ?
6. Quick Links
7. Credits

1. Latest News updated 2007(will include when I get any)

2. Self Introduction 07
IGN : Luminiscence / Jeong of Arc
Main Level 87
Main Present Summon : Some wild boar and dungfly Level 1
An Event Winner of the Recommendation Event Global Goonzu
*(my main)
Onward to a short guide.
3. Walkthrough Starts Here

Okay, you start off with 3 blank spaces, and need to create a new character. Chances are the names Tom, Dick, Harry have been taken already (lotsa people created in the past, probably not available now) The Blonde Haired ones are Eastern, the Black haired ones are Western, choose any you like. Although there are some weapons that either can carry are limited, but the last weapons are usable by either Eastern or Western so it's okay. I recommend choosing the one you are comfortable leveling with.
After that you might end up on a screen which you can type in a name for recommending. In turn the person who gets recommended gains some points from the server after you level past 20 (it's all on the server's part, you don't lose anything) so if you like, you can pop my name in there.

You start off in the middle of Hanyang, also our starter town. Now, at this moment you can start to choose a mentor first ( since they'll get more reputation points and you'll get money if they don't scam, no real loss to you). I might not be online so maybe you can look for someone else other than Luminiscence

At this moment if you want to switch to full screen, the button can be found in the bottom bar, last button on the right, Settings, click on Options to get to it. Once you reach the Options window, tag 'Use full-screen'. There are lotsa buttons there, it's useful to explore and you'd probably want to fiddle around with it to suit your needs. eg. Item, Monster, Town info. Character info, etc are all in-game needed information. Mini map's to the top right, zoomable via Wheel Mouse scroll, toggle with Ctrl+W. Note that you can sit down by pressing [insert], and pressing it again will let you stand up.

After that, your first quest. Where to start? Well, for beginners, talk to Sarah. She's found to the right of where you start off, the purple haired girl in a light red and white suit. Now you need to start doing her quests, else she won't let you leave town via the exit on the left, as well as the portally magical thingies on top and bottom.

First Quest : Open character info. It's the first button on top. They even have a small arrow picture for it.
Second Quest: Add Stat Points. Read what she says about what stat does what. I recommend you add 5 points in Agi. I've pondered on adding 5 vit points a long time ago, essentially its a really draggy reason why you should not add 5 Vit but I'll leave it as that. You redistribute points at level 10, so its useful to add stats so that you can level to 10 fast.
Third Quest : Ah, now you get to leave town. Defeat One Harmless Evil Raccoon. Dearie me, first thing you have to do is pummel a cute raccoon with your bare fists. Not too hard with 5 Agi, easier to hit, but if you're luck is really bad and you get pummeled in turn and die, its alright. You revive w/o any losses at a nearest town, which you can exit through the gates from the top(or bottom). Take note that you will have penalties for dying at level 20 onwards (10*Level in EXP loss and 10% of held Money(Marbles) lost) Head out via the left gate, and find those large head raccoons and click on it to watch your first battle. Not to shabby, you'll kill them faster later.
Fourth Quest : Refill your health with the pot that they give to you, The items button will bring up your items panel(apparently) and you can right click on the pot from there to use it. OR press F1, you pro gosu player you. F1 - F5 are hotkeys for the first 5 items in your inventory, so incidentally you can just do that.
Fifth Quest : Wow your reward, a Bamboo Sword! Not too bad for a newbie weapon. Actually it's horrible, once you create more characters you find yourself better off with a starter spear that has more damage.
Oh, the quest. Level to level 3 and add your stat points. Henceforth a small decision on what weapon you want to use. I'll recommend using a Bamboo Spear for damage(no skill books required, you can use another weapon, but for now we'll stick to a bamboo spear for ease), but what's that about money you say? Not enough ? Want to go beg for it? You don't really need to. What you can do is head for the Beginner Hunting Ground left of Hanyang(starter town, remember?). A small tentage with signboards of some monsters that holds an underground cave(neat!). Generally monsters spawn here indefinitely when you kill them and faster than those outside. They're also the weakest 4 types of monsters so you should handle them w/o a problem. Recommendation: Most of the monsters here drop materials that you can sell to the personal player shops outside or inside Hanyang for some fast and immediate money. Course you can sell them in the markets in the towns, but it'll take too long. You want that money now, right?

You can start to accept Siegfried and Giselle Quests. These two girls are further northeast from where you started. The items Giselle want are dropped from the monsters Siegfried wants you to hunt. The Siegfried quest gives you a gauge on what monsters to fight. And they give experience and plenty of items too.
Well then, where were we? Alright, you have pummeled a couple of monsters already, been leveling up in the Beginner's Hunting Ground, pumping 5 stats to agi and vit alternating to level 10, but once you reach level 10 you find yourself teleported back to the same place you were born(not irl, just Hanyang) and alot weaker. They just reset your stat points. That's right, 50 points to let you choose your DESTINY... or at least your stat distribution.

Now, note that below level 10 is the only time you can use the Deduct Lv by 1 thingy in the Skill info. If you miss this now, you can't change it. FOREVER! (Unless you want to pay real money for a stat reset ticket, then by all means do so) If you used the sword tech book, and going onto other weapons like the spear or others, you can deduct it now.
Alright, you can deduct that skill point at level 10, and level 10 only.
Goto bottom bar, Skills, and then find the skill and click 'Deduct Lv by 1' Click 'Yes', and the skill will be unlearnt; you will have a free tech point again.

Have you decided on what weapon to specialise in?
You can choose between Sword, Spear, Axe, Gun, Bow, Cane.
I don't recommend Cane because it is mana intensive and hard to sustain the leveling for starters. Swords are fastest but they are a little weak; Spears on average speed and damage, are a good choice.
Overall I would recommend a Spear, Axe, Bow or Gun, in that order(choose one at first, not all at once!)

Have you decided on what craft to specialise in? The game now allows you to learn any production technique without using up skill points, so it's technically possible to learn every single production that's available. Luck and Dex aren't increased by stats at the moment so we'll leave it as that.
You learn skills and techniques by reading books, either by hunting/opening Book Boxes(right click, wait awhile, gives you random books) or buying from market or hunting them.
When you learn weapon techniques you will consume skill points.
These skill points are gained when you gain levels.

Finally, Stat Distribution. This is all copied from my textfile so it's quite short(in a sense)
For Archer and Gunner, Agi to the requirement of your Weapon, followed by Vit
(Self-Recommended Stat Distribution for ranged characters at level 10 v1.0)
35 Agi
25 Vit
For Melee Characters like Spear, Sword, Ax, The Req. of Weapon that's Str, followed by Agi and Vit.
(Self-Recommended Stat Distribution for melee characters at level 10 v1.0)
35 Str
10 Agi
20 Vit
Cane users are easy, Wis, Agi and a small amount in Vit. There's two parts though. Some Cane Users attempt to train solely with Wis and Vit alone, but it's not recommended now, because Cane Users still need Agi to hit.
(Self-Recommended Stat Distribution for Cane characters at level 10 v2.0)
35 Wis
10 Agi
20 Vit (You can actually go lower than this for more damage, if you solely depend on magic instead of agi later.)
After all that, I shouldn't really spoil the fun for you. Magical Monsters for a pet, special magic at higher weapon levels(eg. Dragon Raise, Magic Sword, Time Breaker), a horse to ride at level 20, and other funky horses and special items await you in the game. So many stuff to find out, so you might as well start now =)
Edit : Stat Distribution has changed recently. From November 2008 onwards, the different stats can be found here
Generally it means you now have 6 stats : Str Agi Dex Wis Vit Int and a last one that is Luck. All stats except luck can be raised by stat points.
Strength : Str increases physical attack power(depends on weapon type, Str is more beneficial for Axe, but Axes attack speed is slower than Swords, so it balances out.), inventory weight(the amount you can carry) Strength is also a requirement for Swords, Spears and Axes.
Agility : Agi raises Physical Evasion ate and Magic Evasion Rate. Agi is a requirement for Guns and Bows.
Dexterity : Dex raises Physical Accuracy (or Hit Rate) and Defense Power. Defense Rate(%) becomes more significant when you're battling monsters of much higher/lower levels. It's a rather deep theory that I shall not be explaining here. Physical Accuracy caps at 100%.
Intelligence : Int raises Magic Power(the damage) and and your Magic Points(MP) pool. One Int increases 4 MP.
Wisdom : Wis raises Magic Accuracy and Magic Defense Power. Wisdom is a requirement for Canes.
Vitality : Vit raises Hit Points. 1 Vit adds 8 HP. Near the end-game(80s onwards) you might want to have at least 1000 hp so you can consider putting some in the start.
Luck : Increases chance of getting a Master Grade or Perfect Grade item from manufacturing. MG/PG equipment are shiny (!) and sparkle when you equip them. Luck has no effect on making junk items.
Luck is raised from clothes, accessories, mostly from the item mall(real money).
Good Luck! The next part covers the advanced sections of the game.
Edit : There are level up rewards from when you start until you're level 100. They're all here :
4. 'What is Reputation?'
Its a arbitrary value in game that allows you to wear certain clothes and hats at certain reputation levels. Currently rewards in the new server is unknown, but as mentees level under you until level 50 you can gain elemental stones in which you can use to enchant your weapons(not covered in this guide)
Reputation Levels are gained when you reach a certain amount of reputation points.

5. 'What is a Mentor?'
Apparently most people feel that mentors should teach alot and give alot of money at the same time. I'd like to abolish this theory in a sense that I rather pay alot of money to offset the time required to stare at the screen of 7-8 whisper windows (which I've done frequently in the past) And thus this is going out to anyone who hasn't started or has already started playing Goonzu Online but are poor and need some extra money. I don't trust in ideally having best of both worlds(money and information), neither do I feel that every mentee should add me at level one. Thus if you are from a range of one to ten, you can use alt T> highlight my name and click on 'Mentor Settings' and you're done. [/COLOR]

6. Quick Links
Luminiscence is mostly found at Global Goonzu Online, draws alot in his past-time, and he has alot of past-time. He stops by the main goozu site at Global Goonzu for updates and patches, mostly have to do them manually.

7. Credits
Various people who I have learnt from! And those that I'm still learning from because I'm getting used to the new system -.-
As for problems, to this guide, feel free to drop me messages and I'll edit.
Steal any information from this thread and I will pour acid in your eyes. You know who you are.

Secret No. 8. Luminiscence Can You Be My Mentor?
No.I don't frequent this game as much as the rest of my in-game friends, but if you do see my name in the list feel free to.
Secret No. 9. Luminiscence Can You Be My Recommender?
If you see this, go ahead, add me as your recommender. That's Luminiscence with the mispelling at the back. I do get benefits from you leveling beyond 20 so if you feel this thread has been useful to you this is probably one way of showing appreciation. Thanks!

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