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Fanas Px

Intro: Well, a couple of days ago i started playing wolf team. I quickly started to enjoy the game, and since I have the possibility of earning twice the coins more than I would earn for posting a simple guide as this, i may as well take my chance at it. But maybe, I may take my time on all the weapon guides and turn them into articles somehow. So, here I am, doing a weapon guide, or as I should say, an article on the Fanas PX.
Part 1 of the gun.

Type of gun : Assault Rifle

Upgradeable: Yes it is upgradeable, you can upgrade it 4 times maximum. And when you do upgrade, it gives you cool abilities such as extra power and such. Wonder what this gun has when you upgrade it.

Basic Weapon: Yes, it is a basic weapon, Meaning you could equip it on your standard equipment and play with it immediately instead of equipping the weapon on an alternate equipment and wasting WP for it. By being a basic weapon, it gives you the free advantage of using this gun immediately in the game.

Buyable: No, it is not buyable. It sucks, I know. I do wish they would release this gun for gold. Hopefully they do so soon.

How can you get the gun: The only way you get the gun, is by doing a simple task. It is so easy you could get the gun in 5 to 10 minutes. All you have to do is gain at least 20 kills or more and then you will be given a reward for it. After you get the gun, you have to redeem it in your gift page, and it should appear in your inventory.

WP: This simple means how much wolf-points you need to use this in game, if you equip it in an alternate equipment. It only costs about 130 points.

Time Left: On mine it says 6, but when you redeem yours, it will say 7 days. Cool eh? You get to play with the gun for a week! Hopefully you get a lot of kills while the time is running out.

Mode: It is a Automatic gun. So instead of just repeatedly clicking every time just to get that thing to fire out, which would equal to a semi-automatic gun, all you do is click and hold, and it'll fire all the way.

Now, there are 3 other stats below this. (I skipped power, read the line after the 2 that come before it) One says +270, and there is a sign to the left that has a head with a bullet on the forehead. Then there is a wolf sign, and next to that it says 0, and then there is a down arrow sign with a +78. I will talk about its power in part 2.
Part 2: Part I

Penetration: Well instead of those 10 boxes we see in games like AVA, and Soldier Front, we have 5 boxes. 10 boxes would equal 100, and dividing by 10 gives you 10. Now it's cut in half, so they are worth 10 each. Penetration is basically how well you can piece into the enemy. So, lets approximate so much penetration this gun has. If you look at the yellow, which are filled inside those boxes, they will give you an approximation of how much it can do. There are 3 yellow filled boxes that are full, and then there is a fourth yellow filled box. This one though is partial. The first 3, give you 60 penetration. Now, there is a partial. And it is not even halfway to the box. But, if we cut that box up into fours, the yellow would fill up that one fourth of a box. So if we do it by fours, it gives you approximately 5 penetration. Add 3 more partials, and it gives you 100. So, Fanas PX, gives you 65 penetration in total. Now you wonder what that means, but it means that the PX can penetrate fairly well, above average. Just think how many kills you could get with this gun because of its penetration. But other factors come into getting a kill with the Fanas also.

Power: Ok, i am rerouting a bit. I discussed mode, but I skipped power and talked about the 3 stats below it as I thought it would be more suitable in part 2. So power....... is simply a measure of how much damage it can do. So how much of a punch, can this do? Simple, figure it out how much it can do. There is 1 fulled box, and 1 half-filled box. So that gives us 30 power. Well, that poor for a rifle gun. But after looking through other guns, they all almost have the exact same power. I guess it is not that surprising then, but for me it is, as usually a low power would not get you any kills at all. If it does not mean for damage, what does it mean then? Anyway, I guess they are all like that to prevent an overpowered gun. That makes sense, as to why essentially all the guns in this game have low power. An overpowered gun, means everyone will buy that gun. But despite the power of the PX, it's penetration makes up for it. I guess penetration also means for damage, or how much it can pack a punch. So penetration and power kind of mean the same thing, that would explain the lowness of power and the highness of penetration.

Accuracy: Now, we have accuracy. It does not become a gun, without accuracy. Accuracy, is the measure of how well, or precise you can target your enemy at. It also measures where it will land at. How do you figure out accuracy? Again, look at the yellow boxes to find out. There are 2 fulled yellow boxes, which gives it 40 accuracy already. Then there is that partial yellowed box. Once again, it is below half. So, imagine that you cut in in fours again. That equals 1/4th of a box. So 1/4th equals 5 accuracy. In total, the Fanas PX has 45 accuracy. 5 below the average that a gun should have. I'll tell you, if this was a sniper gun, it would have a lot more accuracy. But alas it is an assault rifle, so it is to be expected, with the exception of several guns. If I were, to take this gun, and prepare my shot, I have to figure out where it land. Judging by its accuracy, it will not aim exactly at the spot I want it to land on. So I aim it at for example, a box. I aim it at the center of the box. After aiming where I want it to be, I fire the gun. (3-10 bullets) Now the result. Do all of them hit the exact same place? No, but do some of them hit their exact target? Yes, almost every time at least 1 bullet will hit the exact target. But because of its low accuracy, it may go off target upward, to the left, or downward, or to the right. It will also go at a direction slightly off where you want it to be.

Fire Rate: So far, this gun has pretty good penetration, slightly good accuracy, and less than average power. Fire Rate, is the measure of how fast, the gun will fire out, or shoot off its bullets. If it has good firepower, it might make up for accuracy. How do you figure out the fire rate? Lets take a look at the boxes again. You should know by now, how to figure out its attributes, on a scale of 0 to 100. (Each box is 20 each, assuming that it is filled up all the way) From a scale of 1 to 100, 0 means a very poor attribute, 100 means a perfect attribute. To calculate Fire Rate, look at the boxes again. There are 3 boxes that are filled all the way. That gives us already a fire rate of 60. Now there's another yellow filled box. This time, it is half-way filled. Half of the box, equals 10. 60 + 70, equals 70. So the fire rate of the PX is 70. A firing rate of 70. I would say, that by its firing rate, it is one hell of a gun. If you have good fire rate, combined with power, accuracy, and penetration, you have yourself one of the best guns in the game. Now, despite the low accuracy, its firing rate makes up for it. You could spray around with this gun while firing at the same time. All it takes is a couple of shots and your target is dead. So go on, take a chance at this gun with the firing rate. I'm going to say right now that it has one of the fastest firing rates in the game. I don't see any way as to how you can disagree with this fact.
Part 2: Part II

I cut part 2 into 2 parts. I wanted to do Penetration, Accuracy, and Fire Rate in one part. However, I did not want to include the rest of the attributes into one whole section. Because then, you would have a huge part 2, and a very small part 1, and a very small intro. So this is part 2, part II. Why I did not talk about in in the first part of part 2, I don't know. but, I do know that by splitting part 2 into 2 parts, it makes it somewhat fair. So now, you have a very small intro, a small part 1, a fairly large part 1 of part 2, and now hopefully a fairly large part 2 of part 2.

On The Move: What does on the move mean you wonder? I wonder what it means too. Well On The Move simply measures, how precise you can aim with this gun accurately while moving, and how well you can accurately penetrate while moving. It doesn't help your cause either while jumping around with your gun. So, how do you find the attribute of on the move? Like I said before, look at the boxes. If you have not known this by now, then you obviously need brain surgery. Now, It may be hard for you to see the boxes, or the description of it by the boxes, but if you download the image or enlarge it, it might help your cause. We have, 1 full filled box, which gives us 20. And then there is one almost filled box. Well, how do you figure this out? Again, imagine that you are cutting the box. Cut it into fours again. You should see that the 3/4ths of the gun give you 15. and that 1/4th is not filled. 15, makes fairly sense since the box is 34th of the way filled. So how well this gun does on the move has a rating of 35. Nice eh? Sure, the rating is fairly low, but I have tested this gun out. Even when your moving, the gun is still fairly accurate, and can accurately pierce well also. There's something to help you out with the Fanas PX. I tried jumping, and it works just as well if your not moving. I would recommend while on the move you are jumping also, as it helped me get more accurate shots. If you are jumping, you can actually get a lot more kills than just moving without jumping.

Recoil Cont.: It is simply short for Recoil Containment. The topic says it all for this one. It simple measures how much recoil it has, or contains. This one is not very hard to figure out. As you can see here, it looks like we have 2 boxes that are fully filled up. So by that judgement, we can say that the recoil of this gun has a rating of 40. It is actually very good, in my opinion. When you fire the gun, combined with its recoil, the gun should aim up, right? Wrong actually. The recoil does not affect this gun much at all. The cross-hair is small, unlike those cross-hairs in ava in soldier front, where they just are big, and I mean 4 times bigger than most of the cross-hairs that come with these guns. The recoil is virtually neutralized here, and your aim with actually stay essentially the same. I was amazed by how the gun had virtually, not change its aim at all while firing. If you don't believe me, then you need to try out the gun right now, or make a new account if you already used it up with an old account. Can you imagine a gun with its recoil virtually neutralized while its being shot? Not even most AVA or SF guns have this ability.

Eff. Range: It's just short for effective range. This one, is a special attribute that Soldier Front, and I don't think, AVA has. Now, what is Effective Range? I don't have a clue what it is either. So what is it? Well, I think that, this just means how much range it has. It actually has a cap to how far the gun can reach its target, hencing the word effective. Not all guns are like snipers. Snipers have a very far effective range, and guns like this have a not so far effective range. So, how do you find out effective range? Like I have said over, and over again, look at the yellow boxes. There's 2 boxes that are full. So what does that give us? Already, it gives us a range of 40. Now again, there is a box that is half full. Half of 20, is 10. So, the PX has a range of 50. It is just at the average of how far of a range an assault rifle should have. You don't see guns like this having a super range like snipers, but you also don't see them having a very short range like shotguns or pistols. Not too short, not too long, the Fanas PX is. It is exactly at the average. Well this also ties in with accuracy. The shorter the range you fire in, the more accurate it is to be. The longer the range, the less accurate it shall be. Well, I would recommend that you fire the gun in mid to close range, I would not even think about firing from long range with this gun. Most likely if you do, it won't even come close to hitting your target, unless you aim it precisely like a sniper rifle.

Durability: I'm not going to say much about durability. All of the guns in wolf team have the exact same durability rating. It simply means how well your gun is taken care of. I think this is a major bug here I would say. All guns need to be repaired at some point, and there is no option for that in wolf team. All of the guns have a 0 durability rating, so it would mean a broken gun. Hopefully they add ratings to durability and add in the mandatory option to repair your guns. I mean, how do you go in a game, not having the realistic effect of not being able to repair your guns at all? That's something that AVA and SF have.

Weight/Cart: Well, it simply means how much it weighs. It weighs 3.61 Kilograms, or pounds. So it is just at the average, not too light, not too heavy of a gun.

It has about 30 rounds, times 3. It can carry a maximum of 90 bullets.
Final thoughts: I think, in my opinion, it is a really good gun. It has great penetration, a good effective range, and a great firing rate. The recoil is also good too, so don't worry if your thinking the recoil will affect the PX. Your aim will stay about the same with the recoil. It has a good kill rate if your firing and aiming on the move, especially when you are jumping. Plus, you also have the advantage of using the gun immediately. The only downside to this is its accuracy and power, which means you probably won't get a lot of kills, such as 20 to 30 a game, but you will get a solid 5 - 15 kills every game. I also don't like the fact that there is a time limit to how many days you can have this gun, and the fact that you can only gain the gun after achieving 20 kills. (It doesn't bother me much, but I hope that they release the gun in the shop instead of being it reward only) Overall, i think it is a very good gun, and that you should definitely give it out a try if you haven't already.

Rating: 4 and 1 of a fourth stars. **** 1/4

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