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Weekly Leaderboard Contest



The weekly Leaderboard Contest pits users against one an other to score the most FanCoins in a week by submitting content, voting, rating, fanning, chatting all on FanUp.

How to Play? - Easy! Your basic use of the site will organically earn you FanCoins, so the more you brows, vote, rate, chat, post the more you earn.

How to Win? - Have the top amount of FanCoins earned that week to take home one of the top three prizes

When does it Start? - Contest starts and ends every Saturday night at 9-10pm EST. But you may start earning coins anytime during the week.


1st - 1500 FanBucks ($15)

2nd - 1000 FanBucks ($10)

3rd - 500 FanBucks ($5)


1. 60% of FanCoins earned must be from submission of Guides, Tips/Cheats, Articles etc.

2. Any spamming, flooding, exploiting etc. will get you very quickly disqualified.

3. You may only post 1 guide copied & cited from another site per week for minimal reward.

4. Copying a guide from another site and trying to pass it off as your own will get you disqualified for the week.

5. You may be denied prizes if you have been seen exerting any kind of suspicious behavior.


1. Polish your guides. Just make they look nice, check your spelling and add an image. Most of all show us your personality! If you can do all this you will be rewarded a lot more FanCoins.

2. Invite your friends. Referring new people to the site will earn you a fat bag of FanCoins if they sign up. Fake accounts will be annihilated and you will be disqualified for the week.

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