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Is it worth playing?

I'm wondering if this game is worth playing?Never heard of it,never played it,so i wanna know is it worth it,if its i wanna try it.

bardhb posted at 2013-05-15 03:10:59


  • Gamerz900 said:

    I can proudly say that THIS IS THE BEST FREE2PLAY game.
    Nothing is limited in this game, even the skins can be acquired without spending a $. The Devs are EXTREMELY ACTIVE AND AMAZINGLY NICE GUYS AND GIRLS. You wont find a better dev team and support team else where. From my experience !

    7 years 36 weeks
    1 Votes
    Is the webpage it is the webpage is not working for me...
    bardhb posted 7 years 36 weeks ago

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