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Lex :- The Super Semi Sniper !


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Lex :- The Super Semi Sniper !

Introduction :-

The LEX is a powerful, accurate pistol that has a lower rate of fire and clip size. Very efficient at long range.Lex is the beast. Lex has the highest damage per shot in pistols. Even though the Lex is Magnum type, in the game its just a pistol. Lex can out damage most primary weapons. Mainly Snipertron. Lex is 100 times better the Snipertron in everyway.Lex is considered to be a sniper that takes the role of real sniper. This is because Pistol Modifications give highers % to damage than Rifle Modification. Lex is perfect for Grineer and Corpus,since infested tend to spam you with melee attacks, lex is not an option against infested. But still it can take down an Ancient with a few shots. A highly modified Lex can kill a grineer in Pluto with 1-2 shots.


Mastery Level
Base Rate of fire

Base Damage

Base Clip size



Heavy Pistol
Critical Damage


Reload time

Base Ammunition


Acquisition :-


This weapon can be bought for  190   or v50,000. Remember buying with platinum, the gun comes with a Orokin Catalyst and its own slot space.

So in reality Lex only costs 164  (190-26). Catalyst costs 20   and one weapon slot costs 6 .


Very high damage
Slow rate of fire
One V polarity slot
Slow reload speed
Super accuracy
Can miss shots in CQC
High ammunition efficiency



Best Modifications to be used with Lex :-

Modification Chart :-

Barrel Diffusion :- MultiShot mod. Upgrade it to 100%

GunSlinger :- Increases the Fire rate. I am currently using it as a place holder. Since new mods are coming in U8

Trick Mag :- Increases Max Ammo capacity. Good for players who likes to kill everything with a handgun.

Hornet Strike :- Increases base damage. Upgrade it to as much as you can. I am waiting for U8 for new mods.

Deep Freeze :- Freeze damage. Maxmise it, Freeze is considered a universal element that has effect over all factions. Deals 200% dmg to shields

No Return:- Armor Piercing Modification. Good to be used against grineers and Ancients. AP is a universal element

Heated Charge: Fire damage. Best to be used against Infested. Has some effect over other factions.

Convulsion :- Electric damage. Best to be used against Corpus. It has little effect of Grineers and has no effect on Infested. Keep this mod low


This guide was made by Gamerz900 for If you got any doubts, any questions please post them in the comments section. Also if you find out any mistakes, please post those also in my profile or in the comments section. Thank you for reading this guide !

Gamerz900 posted at 2013-05-17 06:16:01

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