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Hey Guys this is Goku and Today I shall list one review of this amazing Melee Weapon which is a must try. The name of this amazing Side weapon is Despair.This melee weapon is very sharp and is able to penetrate through the warframe, to know more about this melee weapon follow the gudie:-


Well this  is a kind of melee weapon, which can be thrown at some warframe and can cause a lot of damage to them as it can easily penetrate through them. Its quiet useful for those who are quiet good in rushing.

Used by the Stalker, DESPAIR throwing blades have a mono-filament edge, sharp enough to penetrate a warframe.

–In-Game Description

Mastery Level
Type Thrown Weapons
Base Damage 55.0
Base Firing Rate 3.3
Accuracy 100.0
Base Clip Size 10
Base Ammo Size 210
Base Critical Chance 0.0%
Base Critical Damage 100.0%
Polarities 2x V



Appears to be capable of higher ranges than the Kunai (needs confirmation) Only deals half damage to light Infested units
Higher base damage than the KunaiHas travel time, unsuitable against moving targets at long distances
Silent Trajectory can be inconsistant, making longer ranged throws more difficult.
Deals Armor Piercing damage. Requires a even larger amounts of materials to craft compared to Kunai
Deals 50% more damage to medium Grineer units Does not crit (no yellow or red).
Can penetrate straight through enemies, allowing it to hit multiple enemies if lined up (Bugged, only seems to work when you are host. Lag makes it work incorrectly.) While you are holding this weapon, your Spin Attack (Slide Melee) does not get speed boost.
Like the Kunai, the Despair has two V polarity slots ideal for Hornet Strike and Barrel Diffusion for maximum damage. Does not stagger like the Kunai.
Infested runners don't explode on death when killed by this weapon
Near instant reload time


The Despair's blueprint cannot be purchased on market, but it is included in the What Stalker? bundle. Its blueprint can be dropped by the Stalker.


Manufacturing Requirements
Resource Quantity
Alloy Plate800
CreditsCreditsicon 15,000
Build Time 12 hours
Rush Build Platinumicon 50


Well Overall I would recommend you to buy this, as its fun to use and easy to get used to it. Although you have to build it as you cannot buy, but still its a Must try, I would give 9/10 to this, as I really liked it.


This was all in this Article, I hope this helps you all, till then enjoy playing Warframe, and do stay tuned to Fanup to get the tip/cheats and articles on Warframe.

goku1997 posted at 2013-06-08 23:11:19

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