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Ultimate Guide on - Slayer


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War of the Immortals

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Ultimate Guide on - Slayer

♚The Slayer♚
The Slayer is one the best damage dealers of War Of The Immortals mmorpg.The Slayer has huge HP when compared to other classes but the damage per hit from a Slayer is not high because the Slayers already have huge HP , if they had high damaging capabilities then slayers would be Over Powered.So slayers have high HP but low damage dealing capacity . Slayer is a magical melee type class who must get into the fight. The Slayers mainly have the best self buffs and the best de-buffs than other classes.The Slayer’s sharp blades and piercing blows make him a lethal adversary. The Slayers possess deadly abilities to wreak havoc on unsuspecting opponents. This class has mastered a balance of physical and magical skills. Their fighting style leaves them with little defense, but their offensive capabilities make up for it. Their skills focus on inflicting a heavy dose of damage in a short period of time, making them fearsome assassins.In simple words, with proper training and potions Slayer can beat Champions and any other classes than healers.Slayers can be used as an alternative to Champions.
♚Why Slayer is superb ?♚
Slayers have huge HP when compared to other classes in War Of The Immortals.Slayers have the best De-buffs and the best self Buffs in the game.This class is more of like a solo kill or more like a shadow assassin.
♚Why Choose Magus over other?♚
Almost all the hard instances need a player to tank all the damages done by the monsters. So the only option for others is to find a tank and Slayer is semi+ tank.At high levels slayers will be having a really high HP like more than 600000 HP.
♚How to become a superb Slayer.♚
Inorder to become the ultimate slayer, players need to set their Potential Points to Dexterity and Strength. For slayer it is recommended to become a hybrid. Using P-Points like 2 STR : 1 DEX is a nice combo will result in slayer dealing really high damage. Well in other case using 3 DEX : 1 STR also works, in this case most of the attacks from the enemies will be dodged by the player and the player wont lose much HP.
=============================================================================================♚ Slayer Skills. ♚
Penetrate -Basic attack skill dealing x% of player's total Physical Attack.
Bane Blade - deals x% damage and has x% chance to make the target silence for x seconds
Blades of Doom - XP skill deals huge damage to monsters, deals considerably low damage on players.
Power Boost - Self Buff increases min physical attack by x, max physical attack by X, damage by X.
Vanish - Increases movement speed by x% for 10 seconds X2
Lunge - deals x% of total physical attack
Grim Visage -Increases critstrike by x% and attack speed by x% for 5 seconds
Tusk Strike - Deals x% damage, has x% chance to reduces enemies accuracy by x for 8 seconds.
Dodge - Self buff increasing Evasion by x
Trap - Makes the enemy unable to attack for x seconds
Haste - Self buff increasing magic defense by x% and movement speed by x% for 10 seconds
Gas Grenade - Reduces enemies accuracy by x%,increases evasion by x% for 10 seconds.
Intelligence-Self buff increasing attack speed by x%
Phantom Execution - AOE attack skill , damaging upto 7,dealing x% damage and reduces x% of x sec.
Sprint Drain - Drains MP from target by x.
Dark Nightmare-Makes the target sleep for x seconds.Physical resistance by x%.
Scared Armor - Reduces damage by take x%
Shadow Copy - Deal damage by x%, AOE skill attacks upto 5 enemies.
Absolute Evasion - Self Buff, enemies unable to use skill on character.
♚Skills which are recommended to be leveled up first.♚
Penetrate , Power Boost , Tusk Strike.
♚Recommended Gear.♚
Using Soul Gear is recommended since they increases total damage more than Golden Gears.
Any pet than deals high damage is recommended, INT or STR pet.
Thank You for reading this Guide on Slayer written by Gamerz900 for you are able to find any mistakes please post those here or on my profile

Gamerz900 posted at 2012-01-14 18:42:17

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