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Super Guide On - Forming Party For Specter Island and best way to get the Max EXP (S.I)


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War of the Immortals

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Super Guide On - Forming Party For Specter Island and best way to get the Max EXP (S.I)

This guide gives information Specter Island, how to do it easily and ways to earn the max EXP rewards.
Quest NPC: Specter Island Entrance
NPC Location:[url]Roan Harbor(141,213)[/url]
Player Minimum Level: 50
Realm: 1-8
Rewards: Medium EXP, Golden Gear and Badge of Triumph
=======================================================================================================(this guide talks about low leveled players)
♔Specter Island♔
Specter Island is one of the most hard event of War Of Immortals,unless ofcourse you have a high leveled party. Specter Island is very hard for players under level 60 and really needs good team work and some nice healers inorder to win the event. Every players is allowed to do Specter Island 1 time each on 3 difficulties - Easy,Normal,Elite.Players cant replay again anyway if they left the dungeon, doesnt matter if the party had lost or won.Specter Island has a lot of mobs camped together that are really hard to kill and featuring 5 semi-bosses intotal and 1 ultimate boss.All of these bosses have more than 5+ monsters surrounding them.The objective of the players is to defeat the Liberation Army.
Forming the perfect party for ♔Specter Island♔.
Doing Specter Island requires a good team with atleast
♟1-2 Healers
♜1-2 Champs
♝1 DPS (ranger or magus)
♥ any other class or DPS.
The team must have good communication between them inorder to complete SI without any deaths.
♕The 3-Types of Specter Island.♕
Easy - As it says, this mode is pretty easy for all levels but grants very low EXP for monster killing.
Normal - This mode is more like Hard mode because the mobs are really good and they got a lot of HP and can damage players really fast because each group of mobs have more than 10.
Elite - The Ultimate mode having the Elite monsters with huge HP and high damaging capabilities.Killing each of them grants a lot of EXP.
♕Special Tip♕ : ★After killing the first 4 semi-bosses, the players will move forward and remove the magic barrier and then goes against 4 Priests and a Mechanical Tank.Here almost everytime the players try to kill the tank first which is a big mistake. First kill the priests completely or they will spawn 15 dogs + 15 another monsters and since there are 4 priests, the total number of mobs will be more than 100 which makes it really hard for the players to kill them all without dieing. The priests will spawn more when ever the players kill all of those spawned monster.
So its really really recommended to kill the priests first and then go for the tank, what ever happens kill the priests first or its gona be really hard to finish.☆
★Enable the 1.5x EXP time while killing the semi-bosses and the main boss, using on other monsters is not recommended.☆
Thank You for reading this Guide on Forming Party For Specter Island by Gamerz900 for you are able to find any mistakes please post those here or on my profile

Gamerz900 posted at 2012-01-14 05:17:39

my 2nd party formation guide
Gamerz900 posted 8 years 40 weeks ago

my 2nd party formation guide

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