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Soul Gear Vs. Golden Gear


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War of the Immortals

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Soul Gear Vs. Golden Gear

This is usually the major debate one has when trying to acquire new gear in War of the Immortals.
Soul Gear is more for PvP. Due to the stats it tends to give focus more around PvP then PvE. I for one had to make the same choice, due to the fact that I'm a hardcore PvPer (due to my roots in PvP games such as Tibia, and League of Legends) I choose the path of the Soul Gear. Now note that Soul Gear is WAY more expensive to acquire then Golden Gear.
Golden Gear is more for PvE. Its focused around giving the player bonuses, for example, 25% more damage to demon type monsters. Golden Gear is quite easy to acquire and is mostly found in dungeon of your level.
Also please note that id you do decide to go out and hunt for Soul Gear, the weapons drop from Boss's that are camped by the best guilds/clans on the server. So good luck. :)
IAmMeng :D!

IAmMeng posted at 2012-01-06 21:21:14

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