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Adventure Quest Worlds - All Bosses


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AdventureQuest Worlds

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Adventure Quest Worlds - All Bosses

ALL Bosses of Adventure quest worlds.

1st: A.R.C. Boss of Rainbow
2nd: Abbadon. Boss of Club House
3rd: Aracara. Boss of Faerie
4th: Beast of Pirate's Bay. Boss of Live/Voltaire.
5th: Belrot, The Fiend. Boss of Citadel
6th: Big Jack Sprat. Boss of Cemetery
7th: Blister. Boss of Mystcroft
8th: Broc. Boss of Wedding
9th: Brody. Boss of Wedding
10th: Chaorrupted Armor. Boss of Chaos Crypt
11th: Chaorrupted Bear. Boss of Forest of Chaos.
12th: Cholesterious. Boss of Turdraken.
13th: Cyclops Warlord. Boss of Mobius/Faerie
14th: Dogear. Boss of Newbie
15th: Dreadspider. Boss of Marsh/Club House
16th: EbilSneezer. Boss of Toy Factory
17th: Escherion. Boss of Tower of Relativity
18th: Fire Elemental. Boss of Bludrut Keep level 1
19th: Frost Dragon. Boss of Ice Cave.
20th: FrostScythe. Boss of Frost.
21st: Frosty. Boss of Snowpath.
22nd: General Porkon. Boss of Orc Town
23rd: Giant Undead. Boss of Bridge.
24th: Grand Inquisitor. Boss of Citadel.
25th: Great Pumpkin King. Boss of Mystcroft
26th: Grizzle Spit. Boss of Boxes.
27th: Groglurk. Boss of Bludrut Keep Last Floor.
28th: Grumble. Boss of Sewer.
29th: Ice Elemental. Boss of Bludrut Keep Third floor.
30th: Kuro. Boss of River.
31st: Lucky Harms. Boss of Rainbow.
32nd: Marsh Smell-O. Boss of Chaos Marsh.
33rd: Mithril Man. Boss of Crash Site.
34th: Monochrome. Boss of Rainbow.
35th: Orc Trainer. Boss of Noobshire.
36th: Orc Tutor Trainer. Boss of Tutorials.
37th: Piggy Drake. Boss of Prison
38th: Princess. Boss of Intro Zone
39th: ProtoSatorium. Boss of Crash Site.
40th: Purple Slime. Boss of Cellar.
41st: Red Dragon. Boss of Dragon Lair.
42nd: Rock Elemental. Boss of Bludrut Keep First Floor.
43rd: Shark Bait. Boss of Lolosia.
44th: Slugfit. Boss of Mobius.
45th: Soulseeker. Boss of Marsh.
46th: Thrax Ironhide. Boss of Marsh.
47th: Treeant. Boss of Farm.
48th: Turdraken. Boss of Cornycopia.
49th: Undead Voltaire. Boss of Live/Voltaire.
50th: Water Elemental. Boss of Shallow.
51st: Werewolf. Boss of Willow Creek.
52nd: Wistera. Boss of Guru Forest.
53rd: Zardman Boss. Boss of Forest.

sorjaialex posted at 2011-05-14 20:44:24

holy moly that's a lot of bosses
tiger300000 posted 8 years 14 weeks ago

holy moly that's a lot of bosses

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