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December 8, 1990
January 25, 2012
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Hi and welcome to fanup! Be friendly and don't spam, respect these and you shouldn't have any problem. feel free to leave a comment on my profile if you have a question! or ask to one of the guardians. ENJOY ^^. P.S.: Want earn fanbucks easily? Download the fanup toolbar here:
ultrascati95 posted 9 years 33 weeks ago
Hi there! WELCOME to our number 1 site! participate to our contests! Follow rules and be friendly! :)
NYLeiGRAM posted 9 years 34 weeks ago
jandiksma posted 9 years 34 weeks ago
Hey, welcome to fanup. I'd like to tell you about the weekly conest. If your going to compete in it, please do not attempt to spam. 60% of fancoins must come from guides and you cannot plead people to give up the weekly contest since you will then cheat. Have fun!
ckalinstead posted 9 years 34 weeks ago

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