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Trickster compound guide.


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Trickster compound guide.

1. Refer to any of the following: a helpful friend who knows the items required, a trickster fansite with compound requirements item list, the bunny maid next to the compound npc, or Minty (in game...assuming you know my name).
2. You will need to procure (get) 5 of a specific item required for compounding (always 5). There are many many stats that can be compounded to an item, including elemental defense, and the 12 character stats.
3. On the specific compounding item, you will see the following: The stat this item will raise, the minimum amount it will raise it by, and the maximum amount, for example, popo leaflets raise magic attack by a min of 1 and a max of 2.
4. A Compoundable equipment will have a stat: "Compound No.X" where X is the number of extra stats compoundable onto it.
5. Go to the compounding NPC and open up the compound window. The top most slot is for the item to be compounded, insert any equipment item with a "compound no." stat and a list of stats that can be compounded onto this item will appear in the window on the right.
6. If the stat you want to raise is there, place the compounding item (for example, 5 popo leaflets) into the left slot on the bottom, if the compounding item increases a stat that is NOT shown in the window, the game will yell at you and call you a poopoo head, and otherwise not let you place the item there.
7. If you place the right compounding item (as in it raises a stat shown in the window) the compounding item will appear in the slot at the bottom on the left, the other two slots are used for what I will currently call "bonus items" these items boosts the amount the stat will increase by by a certain percentage, 5 of these items exist, each with its own percentage bonus.
8. When you are satisfied with the item you are compounding onto and the stat you are going to compound onto it click ok and you will receive your item back with the stat compounded onto it. Your new item will have a new stat modifier with a bonus anywhere in between the min and max labeled on the compounding item.
9. Your new item may also receive a new level requirement, depending on the compounding item you used.
11. COMPOUNDING ALWAYS SUCCEEDS (refining not always)
12. You can remove a compounding attempt using a special rare item, don't ask me what it is, I don't know.

Yoshy posted at 2011-10-24 15:11:59

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