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What is the FanUp Toolbar?

The FanUp Toolbar is a free download that sits on your Firefox or Internet Explorer Internet browser and allows you to earn FanBucks - just for doing everyday searches. It also ensures you collect the FanBucks you deserve when shopping the hundreds of online retailers that are featured in the FanUp Shopping Mall like Best Buy, REI and Bed Bath & Beyond.


Why should I download and install the FanUp Toolbar?

The FanUp Toolbar is one of the easiest ways to earn FanBucks so you can get your favorite game currency like G Coins, G1 Credits, Facebook Credits, Z8 Points and whatever else is on the FanUp Marketplace


Do I need a FanUp account to download and install the Toolbar?

Yes, you do need a FanUp account to download and install the Toolbar so that you can earn FanBucks. You will also need to make sure that you have logged into your FanUp account and linked your toolbar to your FanUp account to earn any FanBucks by using the Toolbar.


Do I need to stay logged on to in order to get FanBucks for my searches and purchases using the Toolbar?

No.  Once you have logged onto your FanUp account from your Toolbar, the Toolbar will always be linked to your FanUp account, whether or not you are logged on to  Just make sure that you use the search bar on the Toolbar to earn FanBucks.  And you will recognize stores that are part of the FanUp Mall from the FanUp icon next to the URL of the store if it is listed on the search results and by the drop down banner on top of your Internet browser that will notify you of how many FanBucks you will earn if you make a purchase from that online store.


What do I get when I download the FanUp Toolbar?

  • * The BEST of FanUp's strategy guides and tips delivered right to your browser
  • * One of the most powerful search engines on the web today that earns you 1 FanBuck for every 6 valid searches
  • * Great deals from the FanUp mall from stores like Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond and REI on items you buy everyday while earning even more FanBucks 
  • * Bookmarks to your favorite Game Sites
  • * Instant notification that your favorite stores are part of the FanUp Mall with a cool icon and banner telling you of the great deals you will get!
  • * Check your FanBuck balance so you know what you can buy at the FanUp Marketplace
  • * Get news and new offers & promos via our integrated Twitter and Facebook feeds
  • * Great support via email at support(at)
  • * Answers to all of your questions can be found at  Toolbar-About


How many FanBucks do I earn on searches?

When the Toolbar is active after you have logged on to it you'll earn 1 FanBuck for every 6 valid searches you perform.  


How many FanBucks do I earn on purchases?

That varies by the store you make the purchases from.  The amount is displayed so you will always know.  For example, you can earn 2.53 FanBucks for every dollar purchased in some stores.  More or less FanBucks in other stores.   There will always be a notification for the amount of FanBucks you may earn located right on the Toolbar.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO MAKE PURCHASES to earn FanBucks.  You can always just earn FanBucks by searching via the Toolbar.


How long does it take to show the FanBucks in my FanUp Account from searches and purchases?

FanBucks earned by completing searches should show up immediately.  FanBucks earned through making online purchases can typically take up to 3-5 business days for many vendors.  It can take up to two weeks for a few select vendors.  You can always see your search and purchase history by going to your FanUp account at and viewing your FanBucks history within your account.


Do I earn FanBucks on searches when I'm using the FanUp powered by Yahoo! web page?

Yes, you will earn FanBucks for searches using the FanUp powered by Yahoo! web page.  Once you have activated/logged into the Toolbar, your FanBucks are displayed for you. 


YIKES! My searches are not valid! What qualifies as a 'valid search' to earn FanBucks?

Most any natural search from the Toolbar will result in a 'valid search' and you will receive 1 FanBuck for every 6 valid searches.  However, because we use very complex anti-fraud algorithms to thwart fraudsters, you may see a warning pop-up on the lower right corner of your browser.  Don't worry, in a few moments you can once again conduct valid searches if you follow a couple of simple guidelines. First, search for things that make sense.  Second, once you make a search, act on the links as you would in a normal search.  Third, try to track what kind of searches you made that were invalid so you can learn what kind of searches and actions are required.  Fourth, click on the help link on the pop-up warning for some more tips.


Do I earn FanBucks on searches originating from Yahoo! such as

No, you only earn FanBucks on searches that default to the FanUp Toolbar powered by Yahoo! Search" - not on searches originating from


How do I change my search engine?

To change your default search engine in Firefox, follow these steps: In the top right search field of the browser, click on the current search engine logo (may be a red Y!). At the bottom of the dropdown there is an option to "Manage Search Engines." To change your default search engine in IE, follow these steps: Tools -> Internet Options -> General Tab -> Search Settings.


If I change my default search engine from Yahoo! will I still earn FanBucks?

No, in order to collect FanBucks the default search engine of the Toolbar must remain Yahoo! Search.


Do I have to pay to download and use the Toolbar?

No. The FanUp Toolbar is free.


Will the toolbar install spyware, adware or malware on my computer?

No. The Toolbar is free from spyware, adware and malware.


Why am I accepting a FreeCause End User License Agreement (EULA) when downloading the FanUp Toolbar?

Because FanUp has partnered with FreeCause, a private company, to bring you the Toolbar, it's necessary that you accept their End User License Agreement.


What operating systems and browsers are the Toolbar compatible with?

The Toolbar works with Internet Explorer and Firefox on Windows. On Macintosh and Linux operating systems, the Toolbar works with Firefox.


Does it work in Safari/Opera/Chrome?

Unfortunately, Safari and Opera do not allow high-functionality add-ons like the Toolbar. Mac users wanting to download the Toolbar will need to use it with Firefox. Google Chrome may offer the same functionality as Firefox in the future, but currently add-ons are not supported there either.


During installation it said the Toolbar was corrupt.

Typically, if the browser relays a "corrupt installation" message it means your Antivirus software is blocking the Toolbar from setting the needed cookies for registration. To solve the problem, turn off all Antivirus software during installation and ensure the domain "" is allowed within the settings.


My Toolbar doesn't show up (in IE).

Make sure that 3rd party extensions are also enabled. Go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced tab -> make sure the box next to "Enable third-party browser extensions*" is still checked. That should allow the Toolbar to function.


Can I download the FanUp Toolbar even if I already have a different toolbar installed?

Yes. It is possible for you to have multiple toolbars on the same computer.


It won't let me install the Toolbar!

If you are unable to install the Toolbar and are receiving strange errors, you may not have administrator privileges on your computer. Be sure that you are on the computers' administrator account when downloading the Toolbar. If you are still having problems, you may need to contact the computers' administrator and have them install the Toolbar.  Also, make sure that you are downloading and installing the Toolbar from either Firefox or Internet Explorer.


How can I move the Toolbar to a different location?

If you are using Internet Explorer 6.0, you must first unlock the Toolbar before you can move it. To do this, right click on the Toolbar and deselect the "Lock the Toolbars" option.


On all other browsers, you can change the location of the Toolbar by clicking and dragging the vertical separator bar to the left of the icon and then placing the Toolbar in your new location. This allows you to place two (or more) toolbars on the same line, which conserves space in your browser window.


Note: You can only move the Toolbar to locations at the top of your browser window. Toolbars cannot be placed on the side or the bottom of the browser window.


How do I uninstall the Toolbar?

To uninstall, follow these steps:


To uninstall in Internet Explorer: Go to your start menu, then Program Files. There will be a folder for 'FanUp Toolbar'. Click the 'Uninstall' link in that folder.


To uninstall in Firefox: Go to Tools -> Go to the tools menu in Firefox and select "Add-ons". Click on the record for "FanUp Toolbar and choose 'Uninstall'.


I have more questions!  Where can I go for more help?

Send an email to support(at) and we'll help you in any way we can.

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