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You can earn FanBucks when you download, install and LOGIN to the FanUp Toolbar using FIREFOX OR INTERNET EXPLORER.

Then use the toolbar to SEARCH & SHOP shop online at your favorite stores like REI, Bed Bath & Beyond and Best Buy to earn more FREE FanBucks to buy your favorite in-game currency like G Coin, Z8 Points, G1 Credits, Facebook Credits, iTunes Cards and anything else on the FanUp Marketplace!  

It's quick and easy to install and the toolbar works on the most popular browsers...Firefox and Internet Explorer so it's convenient for you. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE CREATED A FANUP ACCOUNT AND ARE USING THE LATEST VERSIONS OF FIREFOX OR INTERNET EXPLORER TO DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL THE TOOLBAR!




What You Get

  • * The BEST of FanUp's strategy guides and tips delivered right to your browser
  • * One of the most powerful search engines on the web today that earns you 1 FanBuck for every 6 valid searches
  • * Great deals from the FanUp mall from stores like Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond and REI on items you buy everyday while earning even more FanBucks 
  • * Bookmarks to your favorite Game Sites
  • * Instant notification that your favorite stores are part of the FanUp Mall with a cool icon and banner telling you of the great deals you will get!
  • * Check your FanBuck balance so you know what you can buy at the FanUp Marketplace
  • * Get news and new offers & promos via our integrated Twitter and Facebook feeds
  • * Great support via email at support(at)
  • * Answers to all of your questions can be found at  Toolbar-About



Note: by downloading the FanUp toolbar you agree to the Privacy Policy.  And if you have more questions, please visit Toolbar-About or send an email to support(at)

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