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zynga poker: the guide


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zynga poker: the guide

Zynga Poker is a game where you not only have fun, but its also about being the best poker player out there. In this game, there are lots of ways to enjoy yourself.




This is how much money you have. You can use this for a variety of things, such as playing poker games, buying items that cost chips, entering tournaments, and so on. You can also buy chips as well.


This is the amount of gold that you have in your posession. These things are mainly used to buy premium items, playing black-jack, spinning the wheel multiple times, etc. They are also used to join in the most expensive tournaments out there.


The amount that can be bought is listed. As we see here, the higher the amount of chips there are available to be purchased, the higher the dollars needed to buy the chips increases.



The same thing can also be said for here. There are notable differences here. Instead of 1 dollar, you have to pay 2 dollars, for gold, and the vice versa for the 75 to 50 dollar ones, and 75 to 125 dollar ones. The 4th option, for both currencies, is the most popular, and is the one that is the most bought. The 1 and 2 dollar ones are usually bought if you are really in a hurry, the 75 and 125 dollar ones are usually bought if you want to not make any purchases for a while or for something like a tournament and so. The last 3 options of the chips currency also increase your money, and give you a 100% exp boost as well.



This is the lucky bonus section. Each time you spin the wheel, you have a chance of winning some money, a lot of money, or the best of all - the top prize. The top prize is usually 10M or more, but sometimes it can go into the hundreds or even into the billions before someone rolls the jackpot at just the right time. You can also share the bonus with your friends. Up to 5 friends can represent you, or help you out at any single time. Each friends also increases your gain multiplier, starting from 1X all the way to 5X. Each time you spin the wheel however, those same friends must be asked to help you again each and every single time, which does prove to be quite a grinding task. You are allowed to spin the wheel every 12 hours, before it refreshes again. Having 2 times to win money each day is a great way to make money in a poker game.



Using gold, at the price of 25 all in total, allows for an instant spin at the wheel, and an expanded money tree also. Even getting 1 of the cherries right in any combination nets you 75K, which is a pretty good way to start off as a beginner. As shown here, the values are increased dramatically, over 10 times the rate of the normal table. Winning 150M definitely makes you rich in an instant, but the chances of that happening are very slim, so most of the time, you'll only win the small amounts, but sometimes on a very good day, the wheel does budge into the top tier amounts, which helps you out in the long run. It also will allow you to play many more poker games than usual, giving you an edge over the competition, and other players.


The leaderboard is a competition where each week, hundreds of thousands of players come to complete for the top spot. There is also the regional leaderboard, which is basically you vs the casino you're playing in. (Dallas) If you win the region, you get a prize of 15 million, which once again, always helps you out in a way. Anything over a million is a good sign that you'll last long in poker, so this would be an additional added bonus if you manage to win the leaderboard. And then of course, there's you against your friends, which if you get the top 3 spots for it, you get a trophy. Its not much, but its purely for bragging to your friends as to how cool and awesome you are, and how you're better than everyone else out there. The number of the chips that you win each week, contributes to your total and final score on the weekly leaderboard.


Your personal profile contains all the basic information: the date you signed up for at the start of the game, your network, the largest amount of money you've won, the number of hands you have played, from the best hand that you have played in the hands you have won in, to the number of hands won without the best hand, the number of shootout rounds won, the number of sit-n-go's won, the level that you are currently sitting at, the largest amount of chips that you've had stitting in your account, and the number of buddies, or friends that you have had.



Here, this is basically the all in 1 gift shop. Your global store for buying entertainment, drinks, and snacks, flags, and other complementary items. All of them can be bought in chips or gold coins. These items are purely for making your account look nice and awesome, to show off to other players in the game, to well you basically name it: showing to all the people that you have all of these chips, all of these coins, that you can spend it on everything in the game. There are lots of pretty good, looking items in there. The flags, give a flavor to your nationallity as to where you came from and such. Some of them are pretty good, they're useful if you want to make yourself stand out from the rest.



The VIP clubhouse is a special feature, reserved to the elite of the players in this game. This has a special system to it, first of all in order to earn points you have to win a hand. But that also means, its gotta be at one of the huge tables. The small ones don't count, not the 100/200, 400/800 blinds. None of them, if they did count, well then everyone would be a VIP, and that's not the point of this system. The point of this is that, for taking such a huge risk for playing at the large tables, and i mean, the large large tables, you are to be rewarded for your hard work. Basically here is how this goes: Each hand that is won at a table, with the big blind, at 40K, you win 10 VIP points. Every hand won at a table, with the blind at 1M, you win 20 VIP points. Each month, the points reset, and you basically start all over. The rewards for earning enough of these VIP points differ for each tier, representing a different color. All the tiers have a VIP chair, a free luxary food item, a monthly collectible item, and you also get an automatic ticket into the weekly sweeps. Each of the tiers differs from one another. For silver, its 1.5K VIP points, with a silver cake, and 1 ticket, for gold, its 8K vip points, a large increase, as well as a golden lobster, and an additional ticket, for entering the black tier, 30K points are needed, as well as a reward of a black caviar, and 4 tickets in total. To enter the red tier, which is the hardest one of them all, it is only by invite. So the only way you're getting in, is if you're the best of the best, and that's simple as that, as well as 25 tickets into the weekly sweeps. These tiers offer rewards, ranging from the most minimal, to the absolute best. This is a great incentive of working hard, and being rewarded in the end, you just have to take a risk at the big tables to get in here though.


Your social friends show up on the bottom of the page. You can send chips to your friends, to help them out in a variety of ways: Whether that may be helping them get a certain item they really want, or whether that is them being able to play another game of poker, maybe its them wanting to join a tournament. Whatever the case is, sending chips to your friends will help them out a lot. The amount that you send is completely random. Some friends may get 1K in the mail, while others may recieve up to over 10K in the mail. There is a limit as to how many friends you can send chips to in a day, so be sure to use them wisely. You can have a max of 20 friends to send chips to each and every day, so make the most of it to be sure that it counts.

These are the poker team challenges. They are basic, but hard challenges that really test your skill. They require you, as well as a number of friends for each of these challenges. The prize for each challenge varies, but the more difficult they are, the more money and exp you recieve for completing one. Each has a time limit, and if you don't complete in within the time alloted, that just simply means that you've failed, and that you have to try again, if you choose to. You can repeat the challenges as many times as you wish, so yes, you could make your money, just by doing challenges all day, for 24 hours straight, and you could level your way up through here also, but eventually, there comes a point where you're going to have to play in a poker game one way or another, so its best to not stick in here for too long. But this is all for fun, if you complete these, it just goes to show that you are a skilled player, that you have proven yourself to be one.


This is the classic game that we all have come to know, and love, and hate, blackjack. The simple, but also the most frustrating of them all, it has only 1 simple goal. To get to, or close to 21, as possible. And of course, we all know, that if you go over 21, its game over for you, and you automatically bust. What really makes people rage quit, is when you have a really good starting hand, such as a 19 or 20, and you decide to stand, and then the dealer of course gets higher than that. That is pretty much why people get very, angry at this game, they think they have it, and then boom, they don't have it, and then they complain and rage quit and such. But anyway, you have 3 options, all of them cost gold of course, The values are over 10 million, and all 3 of them help you in a way, of course the higher values being more effective, but also requiring more gold coins in order to play those. Simple really, hit, or stand, or split, and that's your 3 options. Its a fun game, but also can be the game that makes you lose by the inch of a mile, if you make a mistake, so yes, it also requires, a little bit of concentration, and patience, to make this successful.


Golden scratchers is a very easy and fun game to play. The values, as compared or opposed to blackjack, are much higher, and they also cost a smaller amount of coins to play with. The object is very simple, scratch off 3 of the same amount, and you win that dollar prize. So if, say your 1st scratch was 30K. Scratch off 2 more of the same kind, and you win that 30K. Its a very fun game, and lots of people have been very satisfactory with it, its pretty popular in zynga poker. The dollar values are high, and the coins don't cost as much. And it does sometimes anger people a bit, when they believe that they will win the big amount, and then they don't which kinda dissapoints them a bit, but that is to be expected from. Now, winning the top prize of any of these 3 amounts, shown here, can really bolster you by a lot, so that can instantly make you into a very rich person, by doing this. But also by using coins, you do risk not gaining anything at all, so it all comes down to a matter of preference for lots of people, as to whether they should take the risk or not. The rewards are high, but the chances of failure are also high as well.



Poker genius is one of those games that tests your intelligence. Its one of those quiz kinda of like shows, if you get a question right, you win money, if you don't, well you lose all of that money. Here, the money amount is small, so its not a big deal, but however, it is a big deal to those people who almost have no money at all, so they see this as their last chance before not having any chips at all to play in any tables at. 1,200 chips is just enough to get you by for the day, maybe more, but its a small amount, and people do this, to feel that they are intelligent, to add more chips to their account, or they just do it for fun. Whichever way, its a simple test of if you know it or if you do not know it. There is a series of 3 questions, you have the flop, turn, and river. All 3 ask the same question, "Which hand is most likely to Win?" This is kind of like millionaire, you get a question, except here there are 3 except of 4 possible answers. You basically look at the cards, and then the cards above for each turn, and then you guess as to which is the most likely to win. It tests you skill, your knowledge if you know it or not, and whether your smart or just well not so smart at all.

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