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Team Fortress 2

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what is the best carecter to use in tf2 is it spy scout... or heavy. pls tell me and i will thank you.

JotaD posted 7 years 18 weeks ago

marklaan12 posted at 2012-06-30 05:54:07


  • The best class is the one you spend the most time and effort into mastering. For instance, I usually play as Demoman and I'm best at it since I've had the most practice with him. It also depends on what you mean by best. Because if you want a class that will kill lots of people, you are not going to play as medic or spy. If you are just starting out, I'd say Spy is the worst to start off with. He is generally the hardest class to master and you will destroy yourself if you don't have enough patience to keep practicing. I'd say Pyro and Soldier would be good to start with as the control over these two class and pretty simple- just run around and shoot stuff.

    7 years 15 weeks
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  • bardhb said:

    Well all classes are awesome in different circumstances.Heave for close range battles map,sniper for long,even tho i dont like sniper much,the only reason is that if you use the main sniper you can't kill with one hit especially heavy you must shoot him like 2-3 times and its hard ,also if he has a medic behind you can't kill him no matter how many times you hit him.

    Anyway i prefer spy,its good for those you like killing fast hiding killing hiding killing....just like me!

    7 years 41 weeks
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    It is possiable to kill with one shot as a sniper, but it has to be a headshot or the target player needs to be heavily injured.
    n9frbs posted 7 years 40 weeks ago
  • Raytiger3 said:

    No. There is no class that is actually the best, you need to know your playstyle and choose which fits you the best, I'm mainly offensive so I prefer scout/pryo over most classes. But seriously, you need to choose yourself...

    8 years 16 weeks
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  • bagooo said:

    the best to use for my is the scout or soldier .
    scout : is so fast, have a bouble jump, but is like a bunny 1 or 2 shoot and is killed , the best of this is so fast for capture all things in the map that why i like the scout.

    soldier : for newbie players the soldier is the best , i have a bazooka (you want more??) , his healt is okay semi -tank for me , is good for newbie players :D

    6 years 12 weeks
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