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Things you probably didn't know about TF2.


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Team Fortress 2

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Things you probably didn't know about TF2.

-The Pyro, the last character to get a 'Meet the...' Video, was actually going to be a girl, until all the fans started saying stuff like ‘how funni wud it be if da pyro wuz a girl?’ which evolved into ‘Pyro is a GURL’ So, to get back at all those comments, they changed the Pyro to be a guy. (It’s funny because he used Male voice clips in the first place.)
-Hidden links on the TF2 website during the ‘Mann Vs. machine’ announcement revealed that the Teams were originally fighting for ownership of Gravel mines left in a will, but as times went by, they just started fighting for fighting’s sake. And because they were told to. It’s a comic:
- It was also revealed in the Pyromania update, yet again, via hidden links, that a monkey, Poopy Joe, was meant to be sent into space, but the fuel, Australium, was so valuable that Saxton Hale(Quite Important in the story of TF2, if you’ve never heard of him, just Google him) crashed the rocket, and stole it all. Allegedly. Here’s the page that sums it up:
-Gabe's favourite class is The Spy. This is revealed at the end of every Developer's Commentary speech that he does.
-The Xbox360 Edition of the game, featured in “The Orange Box” Has NEVER had an update. That means there’s no trading and no special items, like The Scout’s ability to knock players out/stun players, and even the iconic ‘Sandvich’ isn’t in the game. All classes use Stock Items, and can’t earn any either. You can probably guess how upset I was when I got it. (TF2 was still P2P and I didn’t have a Steam Wallet back then.)
-The freebie item for the “TF2 coming Mac” event was earbuds. Simple iPod earbuds.
-TF2 Has multiple references to multiple things. Listen/look hard enough and you’ll spot them.
-The voice actress of “The Announcer”, Ellen Mclain, was also the voice actress of GLaDOS. Y’know, the big robot that wanted to murder you in Portal.

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