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~~ TF2 Thread of "How to Play..." Videos ~~

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Team Fortress 2

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~~ TF2 Thread of "How to Play..." Videos ~~

Learning all the intricacies of 9 character can be a daunting task so I've compiled all the Team Fortress 2 "How to Play..." videos into one thread for easy access I'm taking the time to compile all the videos so players will become more proficient which will make online play better as more skilled players emerge cool This thread is also for people who learn better with visual aid or just can't be arsed to read through pages of text

NOTE: I did not make any of these videos, I'll list the creator next to the video link

NOTE #2: The default link is for youtube but some also link to GameTrailers which has slightly better quality(specifically word legibility)
sideNote: I wrote this before youtube went high-def, which now has the superior quality

NOTE #3: Remeber to read the video Summary, sometimes the author gives additional info/details on the game or needs to address something a patch changed after they made it

NOTE #4: Not all the links are Tutorials, some are just good frag videos of experienced players for beginner to intermediate player to watch/mimic so they get better. Things like their movement around the level which weapon is best for a situation/character or non-related things, like learning alternate(sometimes quicker/safer) routes from watching random videos, etc.

NOTE #5: Over time some of the videos got taken down or removed, so if you find an alternate working link to a dead video let me know so I can update it, giving you credit for the find, thanks

Note #6: Make sure to check out the Official Team Fortress 2 Wiki
> It gives detailed info/stats for every Character, Weapons, Items, Levels, Gameplay Modes, Crafting Recipes, Updates, etc.

** Attn: New / Free to Play(F2P) players..
Check out: Helpful Settings and Tips Tutorial Guide, Part #1 by Shibby2142 (Youtube)
> He gives a rundown of all of TF2 settings/advance options you should look at before jumping into a game.
(thanks to AroundTheHorn for the link)


How 2 Play the Engineer by EvilDaedalus (Youtube, Gametrailers)

How 2 Play the Engineer by Hellblazer970 (Youtube, High Res)

How 2 Play the Engineer by wingedkurib0h (Youtube)

Engineering for Dummies(beginners) by VW0508 (Youtube)

How To Play Offensive Engineer by Ben Hurrrrrr (Youtube) (thanks to Gen for the link)

How to play the engineer by ProVideoGameStrats (Youtube)
(thanks to Raddy for the link)

Offensive Engineering Commentary/Tutorial by Eyce:
> Part 1
> Part 2
> Part 3
(thanks to Eyce for the links)

2Fort: Sentry Placement Tips by Niallhhfm (Youtube)
(thanks to Niall for the link)

Gunslinger Gunner by Forsaken one (Youtube)
(thanks to Forsaken one for the link)

Jumping the Gun - An Engineer Jumping Tutorial by Xriloku (Youtube)
(thanks to Problem for the links)

Few Extra Engie Tips:
You can rotate your building placement with right-click when its equipped. Use this for the best Sentry placement and to keep teammates from getting disoriented from exiting a wall-facing teleporter
Remember one lvl 3 sentry > two lvl 1 sentries, so help other Engineers build before starting your own and they'll return the favor
Never build your Sentry close to another Sentry, this just makes it an easy Target for Demomen or Pyros to take them both out with one attack. Try to put it as far possible(from friendly Sentries) but still able to cover the area you want it. Good strategy is to put Sentries on Opposite sides of a choke point so the enemy has to turn around to attack the other
...But it is a good idea to build dispensers next to each other, which will double the heal-rate allowing teammates to get back to the action faster
To jump on/over your buildings you have to jump-duck (I didn't know this at first and seen several people ask in the video comments)
Placing teleporters on Stairs/Ramps will slow any enemy advance as they have to jump over/destroy it to pass. A good example is in the second area of Dustbowl on the steps leading up to the last Control Point
Do Not spend the entire match Turtled behind you Sentry whacking away. If there's no immediate danger feel free to go out to the semi-frontlines but stay close enough to protect your Sentry.
Use your Dispenser to Block Doorways ~ It'll block cloaked Spies and alert you when someone is infiltrating your base (Most useful on CTF maps like 2Fort upstairs)
When low on Metal and Turtling against attacking foes ONLY hit your Wrench when the Sentry is Damaged. Otherwise you will Waste Metal refilling your Ammo instead of Healing
Whenever your Sentry is Destroyed move it to a different spot to keep the enemy guessing/surprised
Don't build your Sentry & Dispenser directly next to each other. I usually build my Sentry near a Metal Spawn and put my Dispenser closer to the front-lines to help attacking foes.
Lastly don't build a Sentry by the Second Control Point if the enemy hasn't captured the First point(see too many Engies doing this)
A fun trick on CTF maps(like 2Fort) is to try and get into the enemy Intelligence room and set up camp(teleporter,sentry,dispenser) inside. For open maps like Well try putting the Teleporter on the upstairs balcony hidden from view.
*** Also see tips on playing engineer better! thread by Farrel

Post Engineer Update(Teammates):
If you standing near a Dispenser healing always spam you weapon(esp Pyro/Heavy) to deter/uncover any cloaked/disguised Spies. This goes double since Spies now have infinite cloak with metal and our upgradable entrances are high priority
If you spawn and see a level 1 or 2 teleporter Entrance temporarily switch to Engineer and upgrade it to level 3. That way the Engineer can use the metal to upgrade his Sentry/Dispenser instead of upgrading the Exit.
(Medics don't bother, we need you at the front-lines to build your Uber/Kritz)
Red team during PayLoad or Control Point pre-round setup-- if you're a non-Engie/Medic --stay back and upgrade the entrances. The Engineer should have the Exit up before the round starts allowing you to port right into the action.
I_Lack_Pants Added: If you spawn and see a sapped teleporter entrance don't waste time chasing the Spy, instead quickly switch to Engineer(or HomeWrecker Pyro) and take the sapper off. This way the Engineer doesn't have to backtrack to the spawn leaving his buildings vulnerable.

Post-Post Engineer Update Tips:
You can move your sentry/buildings by pressing Alt-Fire(default right-click)
While carrying your building you can also take teleporters
A good tactic is to build your sentry to lvl 3 at the base(near locker) then teleport your sentry into the frontlines
[Offense] When your team is advancing(payload/control point) move your sentry up to help in the push
[Defense] If your team start pushing the attackers back, move your sentry up to the next chokepoint to keep them back
Once your have your sentry built move your dispenser closer to the frontlines to assist teammates
If you are on Defense don't use the Gunslinger, we need lvl 3 sentries to impede the advancing attackers
If you see a Wrangler-Engie turtle-heal his sentry to keep the attack going
If an uber is attacking your sentry activate the Wrangler(absorbs 66% of damage) sometimes it's enough to keep it alive


How 2 Play the Pyro by EvilDaedalus (Youtube, Gametrailers)

Intermediate TF2 Pyro Tactics vol. 1 by dtxx (Youtube)

Pyro Achievement Weapons Unlocked/ Explained by PaperClipClock (Youtube)

TF2 Pyro Axe Vid (Final) by Waggerz (Youtube, WeGame) (thanks to Waggerz for the link)

Meet the Airblast + pyro unlocks by Fragalishus (Youtube, NoobFlicks, FileFront: 1280x720, 720x404)
(thanks to CaptVimes for the link)

Fire! - pyro tips by Fragalishus (Youtube) (thanks to Fragalishus for the link)

Compression Blast Guide by (Youtube)(Accompanying Article)
(thanks to QSQSQSQSQS for the link)

How to Pyro by TheDriver (Youtube) (thanks to TheDriver for the link)

PyrOWNED: "LOL" Before "PWN" by TheDriver (Youtube) (thanks to TheDriver for the link)

Flareblasting! by Huey Lewis:
> Part 1
> Part 2
> Part 3
> Part 4

Get Over It - More Pyro Fun by Huey Lewis (Youtube)
(thanks to Huey Lewis for the links)

Projectiles: A Pyro Guide by TMP (Youtube) (thanks to LiquidDon for the link)

Meet the PROro!2 by B||oodSire (Youtube) (thanks to o_stranger_o for the link)
(thanks to LIQUID` for the name correction)

Pyro Unlock Guide by Kebab-Kastike (Youtube) (thanks to Kebab-Kastike for the link)

How to play the Axeassin by iReima (Youtube) (thanks to Razzi for the link)

How to be a Good/Better Pyro by Dominic (Youtube) (thanks to dominic500 for the link)

Eclectic pyro skills compendium by Manta:
> Part 1
> Part 2
(thanks to Manta for the link)

TF2 Pyro Tutorials by magnetro2k:
> (Part 1)
> (Part 2)
> (Part 3)
(thanks to Thermington for the links)

W+M2 Compilations by:
> Nozzle
> TiMb14
(thanks to BayouBlu for the links)

Powerjack and Degreaser by Manta (Youtube)
(thanks to Manta for the link)

How to kill Heavy with Pyro! by staybrstay (Youtube)
(thanks to staystaystay for the link)

High Octane - Detonator and Attendant Jumps with the Pyro [Tutorial] by Xriloku (Youtube)
(thanks to Problem for the link)

Reflections - First Take by Huey Lewis (Youtube)
(thanks to Huey Lewis for the links)


Some Advice to Play Soldier by shadowie2 (Youtube)

How to Play Soldier. Well. by Nophysicalbody (Youtube)

How to Play soldier well 2 by Nophysicalbody (Youtube)

Tha Skill of Soldier #3 by pharadox05 (Youtube)

Reptile's Soldier Frag Montage by JH (Youtube, High Res)
(thanks to B||oodSire for name correction)

Tips: Rocket Jumping by TomDi (Gametrailers)

TF2 Rocket Jump by Tharg (Youtube) (thanks to Tharg for the link)

TF2 Soldier Matchplay Frag Video by Wonderwall (Youtube)
(thanks to BlitzTS for the link)

How to: Rocket Jump by [HNCLAN] (Youtube, Vimeo)

Rocket Science by xen yaug (Vimeo) (thanks to BlitzTS for the link)

Rocketman - Wai by xen yaug (Vimeo) (thanks to Gen for the link)

Rocket Jumping Tutorial: The 3 Techniques by Niall42 (Youtube)
(thanks to Niall42 for the link)

How to Play Soldier by pharadox05 (Youtube) (thanks to pharadox05 for the link)

Rocketjumping tutorial by Methuselah (Youtube) (thanks to Methuselah for the link)

Critless TF2 Soldier Frag Video by FrozenshiFt (Youtube, High Res)
Critless TF2 Soldier Frag Movie 2 by FrozenshiFt (Youtube, High Res)
(thanks to Spudd for the links)

Playing the Soldier by ProVideoGameStrats (Youtube)
(thanks to Raddy for the link)

Pway a Weal Cwass - A Guide to Soldier in TF2 by PandaPooPs:
> Part One
> Part Deux
> PaWC 3D
(thanks to PandaPooPs for the link)

How to Play Soldier by JoeyDK87 (Youtube) (thanks to Razzi for the link)

TF2 Rocket Jumping 101: by honorablejay:
> (Part One)
> (Part Two)
(thanks to Razzi for the link)

Rocket Me Pl0x! - Soldier Guide by xfilmaker (Youtube) (thanks to CalmWind23 for the link)

4) SPY

How 2 Play the Spy by EvilDaedalus (Youtube, Gametrailers)

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