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Team Fortress 2 Starters Guide


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Team Fortress 2

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Team Fortress 2 Starters Guide

Hey guys this is idiot stunt and the following passage tells you about Team Fortress 2.

It is a free online game I have ever played in my life. The graphics are cartoony types but are good looking and hilarious ones. Read on and you’ll come to know a lot of things.

If you are entirely new to this game you can also see the videos posted by people on youtube which helps you to know secretive and impressive things in the game. You compete in other like competing with 2 teams one RED and the other BLU. There are ample of maps available and items which make this game very different from the other games. There is one commentary mode where you can go through various types of maps and can also see various types’ comments on the way. The menu of this game has a similarity to other types of games and you directly jump to the game and no tutorial and stuff. You can also have a view on your achievements, the game store and your inventory. The most important thing required in this game is your jumping skills and your brain usage.

In short this game is like other FPS games. You get a choice of many kind of maps and different kind of modes and also catch all the fun in TF2 where you can do some kind of innovative work like Payload which will make your game more interesting where you have to push a bomb at your enemies base or my favorite Medieval where the players are not at all allowed to used any kind of era weapons or melee. Some modes such as Arena are not very popular as they are very hard to do and people find them difficult and so they leave it. When you begin with a match you get an option to choose a class such as :-
1) Scout
2) Heavy
3) Pyro and so on
Each has a different qualities and difficulty levels and play a very important role in a players life. The loss here that all the classes are equally important but you don’t have the option to choose all so you lack wining and you lose more. The sniper or the scout mentions above can kill an enemy in a single shot but remember that spray weapons are always better the snipers. Snipers need a lot of concentration and a secretive place to hide that can get you more kills.

The action here is blasting. There are explosions sounds of guns and so on all around your map which gives you a typical feel of the atmosphere and also creates an environment so that the players feel that they are actually in the battle field fighting with the enemies. It is the worst feeling when you get backstabbed and you want to kill that guy like oh!! There are in total 8 game modes and 9 classes and innumerable weapons they need to be unlocked. Whoever plays this game gets addicted and seriously believes me you don’t even come to know that how much time is spent by you in a day. Each game mode and class has its own kind of fun and entertainment. Each mode has a different atmosphere, different voices, different personalities and a different joy. There are different characters that perform different moves that are unforgettable and stay ever I n our mind. This game requires a lot of team work which leads to victory as we know. There are two levels of playing the medic and heavy. You should know the ways to make your team win.

There are innumerable weapons that need to unlock as you level up. A normal game takes around 30-60 minutes so a random item may drop from your body say hat so you need to be very careful. Certain items can be unlocked but it depends on your achievements. It’s true that leveling up is a tough job in this game and may take years to reach a pro level. The weapon is the main key of the door for a player and if not used properly you fail like anything. As we get irritated with the backstabbers I recommend to play with spray weapon as that may give you time to may be reducing some health of that guy but if you have a sniper you won’t be that quick. There are many swords but only can be used for backstabbing or if playing a knife fight and a sword kill may give you extra points but if you buy accessories such as hat you don’t get anything. It just protects you. But sometimes you get the same item again and again which gets frustrating and you decide to leave this game but believe me your luck is bad. After some time you will get other items. Don’t think the game is really unfair to you it will be all fine after some time.

As we know that it is a first shooter game there is no use of getting useless items in the inventory and is a complete loss of money. The tokens can be used to make or build better items such as improving your weapon metal quality. After you can also visit the crafting site where come the paying method which is damn frustrating and parents don’t allow for all these things so we have to participate in where you can get game cash by just using your brains and providing the community with what it wants. When you create an account they are of two types free or premium. The free one has a limit of backpack room and all the items are limited mean for some days. The price of a weapon ranges from 0.99$ to 99.99$ which can be used to but a whole pack which contains all the materials in it but for limited days. You can find many items like better clothes for your character and many other items usable in your game and will increase your enjoyment.

This has an awesome graphical system providing the game with every necessary requirement. Obviously the premium account is much better if you want to enjoy the game in deep. If you don’t want to spend money please visit which will provide you with free game currencies. But keep in mind if you want something even you need to give the community something. Enjoy and have fun!!

So this is the end of my guide!!!!! I hope you came to know a lot…If you have any problems or if you find some default please don’t fear to tell me I am always there to help you!!!!!!!


idiotstunt posted at 2012-07-05 06:35:58

This is more of a personal opinion, it doesn't really give me the feeling that I could start playing TF2 (and knowing most things, instead of looking at things). You didn't even tell the basic game information (the 7 OFFICIAL game modes, 9 classes)... I'm starting to doubt if you've even played the game...
Raytiger3 posted 7 years 26 weeks ago

This is more of a personal opinion, it doesn't really give me the feeling that I could start playing TF2 (and knowing most things, instead of looking at things). You didn't even tell the basic game information (the 7 OFFICIAL game modes, 9 classes)... I'm starting to doubt if you've even played the game...

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