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SPYCHECKING a guide by Raytiger3


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Team Fortress 2

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SPYCHECKING a guide by Raytiger3

A very important task in the game and preventing the Spies from dominating the whole team. You can bump against them, light them on fire, cover them in Jarate/Mad Milk etc. etc. I’m going to explain how and why with each class and how to find them. Using the voice-commands (X2 to be exact) you can say “SPY!” to let your team know that there’s a spy somewhere (close).
A spy can be suspicious by running in the different way, walking in a zigzag line, instead of just straight forward, he can seem like “chasing” priority targets like Heavies and Medics. A class which isn’t in the good position of a battle. A Scout which is slower than normal/doesn’t doublejump. A Soldier which doesn’t rocketjump. A Pyro walking in the wrong direction and not consistently spychecking everyone. A Demoman not laying Sticky-traps/charging using a shield/stickyjumping. A Heavy which acts like it doesn’t want to go forward and doesn’t spin his barrel prematurely. An Engineer which isn’t close to his nest/building one. A Medic which doesn’t heal nor fight. A sniper which doesn’t zoom in a lot/charge his arrows and the Spy, detecting an enemy Spy disguised as Spy is the most easy. IF YOU EVER SEE ONE, IT’S AN ENEMY ONE! I mean, a good friendly Spy should always be in enemy territory or walking forward really quick to the battle, disguising early. Also a few other things, if you see your own name, it’s a spy! If the “friendly” is at the frontlines, but doesn’t use his weapons, it’s a spy!
Be aware of spies with a Dead Ringer, if they fall dead after 1 hit, it’s usually a Dead Ringer. Spycheck like some maniac in the surrounding area!
As a Scout you can just bump into everyone or throw a Mad Milk at a suspicious “friendly” player or use your pistol/scattergun to shoot them, if there’s blood or they respond like how you’d respond to being shot from behind it’s a Spy.
A Soldier can shoot at suspicious enemies with rockets, if they get launched away/they detonate on hit on them it’s a Spy.
The master of spychecking and the mortal enemy of the Spy, simply Spycheck EVERYONE with your flame, because 1 little flame can ignite a Spy, even through his cloak. Good spots to spycheck are close to a sentrynest and behind priority targets like the Heavy and Medic.
Demoman, the worst of them all in Spychecking, unless you’re a Demoknight, you can swing your sword at everybody. But as a Demoman, the only good way and not waste ammo is using your melee of bumping into everyone.
Just when you’re spraying bullets all over the enemies, randomly turn and shoot behind you, it’ll be good enough to keep the spies away, if you notice some blood, shoot in that direction because a spy is there. 1 turn a spray, keeps the spies away!
Engineer, he’s a little better for Spychecking than Demoman because the Engineer has a Pomson, unlimited ammo and it decreases cloak by 20% on each hit. Just shoot the Pomson once in a while and everyone that comes straight to your nest is suspicious. If there are sappers on your buildings and there’s Spy near the building, remove sapper, then proceed to shoot on the spy and repeat the process if needed. A good Spy will be able to backstab you during this process, so be careful!
As a Medic, always turn around frequently, since you’d still be healing even if you aimed away. If you see a suspicious “friendly” grab your Syringe Gun and call Spy! You’re one of the main targets of the spies in a game, so be prepared.
You’re an easy target for Spies, be ready to turn around so frequently like some maniac and hit everybody with your SMG or smack their faces with a Machete! Never use the Razorback, Spies have revolvers. Oh yeah, a note to the Spies, YOU HAVE A REVOLVER. USE IT.
As a Spy you’re in enemy territory, if you see any “friendlies” on the enemy territory SPY! Also, if you’re walking with a knife and come behind a “friendly” and you suddenly hold the knife in a “backstab position”, it’s A SPY!
Overall tips
It’s very important to know the map, if a “friendly” is coming from the enemy territory with full health and moving to the flanks of your team, it’s an obvious spy.
Keep an eye on “friendlies” which don’t move in a straight line, but rather like some drunk wobbling left and right, not sure where to go.
Watch “friendlies” which come from strange places, when they come from some corner and there’s no spawn or teleporter there, you probably are facing a spy.
If you can’t pass through a “teammate” it’s a spy, disguised spies can’t pass through the enemy team!
Slow scout which doesn’t doublejump? SPY!
Soldier with Rocket Jumper/Gunboats which doesn’t rocketjump? SPY!
Burning “friendly” Pyro? SPY!
Demoman not laying traps/charging? Probably a SPY!
Heavy not spinning Minigun? Probably a SPY!
Engineer not building/watching his sentry nest? SPY!
Medic not healing? SPY!
A sniper which doesn’t zoom? Probably a SPY!
A “friendly” spy at mid-game not coming from spawn? Probably an ENEMY SPY!
Decloak sound? Probably an ENEMY SPY!
Randomly disappearing ammoboxes/healthkits? SPY!
I hope with this guide there will be less derps around which can't spot a spy! And that the spies will die! Although, I play Spy as secondary class… Uhm…
Anyway, that was another TF2 guide by me, Raytiger3.
Be sure to leave a comment or fan! Also, even if it’s a spelling mistake, leave a comment below. If you think of something else also leave those thoughts below! Just comment and I’ll reply ASAP.

Raytiger3 posted at 2012-11-17 23:59:14

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