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Hand Positioning

Hello, itouchisfun with a Tap Tap Revenge guide.
NOTE: This can work for ANY Tap Tap game, which includes 1-4, and the premium games Tapulous offers.
NOTE: It may not work for the Landscape tracks, which have four(4) rails (see picture above & below).
NOTE: I refer to each button you need to press in order to boost your score as "tappers."

When you first start playing Tap Tap Revenge, sure they have tutorials which tell you that you need to press the buttons when they land on the circles, hold the buttons if there is a stream following them(picture below).

However, they do not tell you how to play 'correctly.' Now, there isn't necessarily one certain method you HAVE to use in order to play, because everything is based on personal preference.

The most common method players use is the two thumbs, where you're holding your iDevice in between your hands and using only your thumbs to tap.

This may work well, until you get to certain extreme levels where you will encounter 3 tappers, 1 on each rail, at the same time(see image below).
This two thumb method may prove difficult when you come across 3 tappers(at the same time).
Instead, you can hold the iDevice in one hand(I prefer the left) and use your left thumb, along with your right index and middle finger. It's harder to accustom to after you've been using the two-thumb method for so long; however, once you get it down, you'll start noticing your scores skyrocketing, because you can barely miss any tappers. I myself have just switched to this method yesterday, and noticed I kind of suck with it. However, as they say, practice makes perfect, and I, as well as yourself can get better as long as you keep training and working on it.

-- When using the index/middle finger method, I've noticed I can hit the 3 tappers that come at you in extreme almost always. What messes me up is how fast the buttons go and I can't tap my fingers fast enough(guess I'll need to start working on that).

Some tips and hints:

Once you decide that you want to start using the thumb/index+middle finger method, you should NOT start immediately on extreme. You can, if you want to see how bad you might do, but you should wait until playing extreme songs. First, get a feel as how your fingers will be used during a song. I personally started off at medium and thought it was not that easy.

Eventually I got pretty accustomed to it so I switched to Hard songs and my score was already starting to plummet a bit.

On the other hand, I became used to the new tapping method and once I thought I was really accustomed to it, I tried Pass Out by Tinie Tempah on Extreme(TTR3). This song used to be extremely difficult for me when I was using the two thumb method.

With this new style of playing, I started the song and noticed results. I could hit the 3-tappers, as well as the tappers with streams following them and still continue to hit other tappers(which I could not using the two-thumb method).

My score turned out to be a lot better than my previous hi-score, which was made when I used two-thumbs.

All in all, practice takes a great deal of time, and in the end, you can see some pretty remarkable results, as long as you keep doing it.

Tap Tap is a fun game, and it's always nice to bring your iDevice to your friends house and say "Hey, watch this," and pull out your device, boot up Tap Tap, choose extreme, and start playing the most difficult TTR song and get a 100% score on it, because of your practice.

I hope this guide helps you a bit, as this new method sure did help me. If you have any questions, you can contact me on FanUp or on my xfire:andsymbleblu.

itouchisfun posted at 2011-06-08 04:02:12

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