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TapTap Revenge

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Getting better

Ah, yes. Tap Tap Revenge. This game can be fun, addicting, sometimes boring(you can't find a good song), and other times you don't want to play it at all.

When you are playing it, however, you may notice that.. well, you suck, and want to get better.

Here's some helpful tips.

- Play songs you know, and like- that way, you will know the beat and your finger-tapping will be in-sync with the beat/rhythm of the track. This may sound weird but try it and notice that your high score may be better on songs you know and like as opposed to some random songs you may find on there.

- Start off at a lower difficulty before moving on up to extreme. As you get better, go on to the next level and challenge yourself.

- Keep practicing. Practice makes perfect as they say!

- Have fun! Don't try too hard, and you'll instantly get better.

itouchisfun posted at 2011-06-04 14:35:43

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