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Sword 2 (SNW)

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Sword of the New World
Short Review

Apparently the game is quite normal. Set in a fantasy world like a seventeenth-century colonial-america yet (apparently dominated by an empire reminiscent of the Spanish) is the classic SWotNW online game based on PvE. The main purpose of the players is to go around killing monsters, collect treasures and quests to complete with the usual characters with specialized classes (here, however, a little 'more flexible than usual). If you exclude an art design really out of melon (in a good way) and we highly Baroque normal.

The first peculiarity of the game is that instead of asking us to create a character to create a user we are asked to create the name of a family (given the setting - unfortunately have taken almost all the last names of famous pirates and famous people the period). We will explore the world with 3 more characters to be checked individually. In the game you can create up to 36 and there is some variety. In addition to the base classes, there are in fact png recreated in the game by purchasing the UPC card.
A team of three characters allows some customization of the style of play and the combinations are virtually endless when you consider that each class has several methods that radically change the function. For example, the Scout goes from receiver buffer and may even go into stealth mode and traps!

The second surprise comes when faced with the first monsters. The mobs respawn rate is incredible. Reappear almost every second, and are dropped just as quickly. On the other hand, their characters are more autonomous than usual. They behave more like an RTS units: they attack automatically when there are enemies nearby, and the scouts when they are in terms of treatment they use their powers when needed. Obviously you can control each character individually, but the action in the game is so furious that in many situations there is very little time to act. This is a game where you use the keyboard shortcuts is absolutely fundamental: in most cases, take the time to click on the icon of skills means making it useless. It is no coincidence that this is a game from the eastern to get the very most out of their characters seem to have fundamental qualities of classic micromanagement of professional players of Starcraft.
Sure you can live without this speed, but expect the first few levels once exceeded a survival difficult.

Add to this some difficult user interface, customizable at all. Unless I missed something, for example, you can not use a shortcut to make a certain weapon to appeal to a character. Since the modes depend on the contested weapons, for example, this means that you will run to open the inventory to click and drag a knife to allow your scouts to defend themselves!

The material is interesting and is really a lot of irons in the fire, but this is not for everyone SWotNW. I feel that there are people who are so much fun, bring out the best from the strategic aspects of the game and will also enjoy PvP. Of course I would have liked a slower pace, which in my opinion would allow to bring out the best to players like me who think calmly.
However, for once, you can get an idea of ​​the game without paying anything. On the official site it is possible to subscribe to the Free2Play option, which allows for free to advance to the twentieth level. Given the peculiarities of the game I recommend you do not have bad surprises.

Credits: me and some information on the Web

pasqlo posted at 2011-11-30 06:40:23

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