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Take Your Game to the Next Level with Rage Points!

Level up your gaming with Rage Points, the official currency of GameRage. Buy all the hottest items, gear and premium packages from FanUp. Earn Rage Points by completing easy offers, winning contests, using our toolbar and more. You can use Rage Points to purchase items and services for hot games such as: Project Blackout, Grand Chase, Pangya, Cross Fire and many more!

What is Rage Points?

Rage Points are a widely accepted game currency for a wide range of games. Games such as Cross Fire and Project Blackout are able to use Rage Points for purchasing premium items and goods.

What is GameRage?

GameRage is a network that provides services with gamers and provide Rage Points for users to take advantage of game items.

How to Buy or Earn Rage Points?

Use FanBucks to buy Rage Points and other virtual game currencies.

You can earn FanBucks by completing simple advertising offers and surveys on our offer wall. You can also win FanBucks in one of our many contests or events. Remember to check the "What's New" section for special discounts and coupon codes good for FanBucks or specific items or packages.

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