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Star Wars the Old Republic

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Scavenging is a gathering skill in SWTOR that is a good way to make credits.

1. Looking for scavenging nodes on the various places on the planets, (the most common ones are on coruscant and dromund kaas) gives you quick scavenging metals and compounds and saves you time instead of having to waste your credits, to send your companion on missions. Several of them will be near a group of enemies at times also, so your character also gains exp as well. (as long as you're a high enough level) Spending an hour or so looking for metals and compounds will usually give you half or maybe more of a stack. If you are really into grinding, then you'll gain a full stack within 30-120 minutes as we see here:


This, is a good description of a scavenging node. Various stacks of sizes, as we see here the most common are desh, with aluminium, silica, laminoid, as well as bronzium

2. We can also send our companions on a few missions, doing scavenging runs. Each of them has a set of missions classified into various levels of increasing difficulty, starting from missions level 10-16 to 49-50. Your character starts off at 0 at first, but can increase his/her scavenging skill through the above mentioned. The time to complete the missions varies from the 1st set of missions to the last, (levels 10-16 are around 3-4 minutes, while levels 49-50 last over 30 minutes to complete.) Additionally, your companion may have bonuses which will provide benefits such as a decrease in the mission time and additional yields.

The yields here are dependent, going from moderate, to Bountiful, found in the later levels. The more of a yield there is, the more items your character will recieve in the end.

Our mission, as shown here, is complete. Depending on the type of mission you chose, along with the yield you picked, the gains can either be very small, or very large.

3. We can now sell our stuff for profit. To do this, we have 3 options: Trade, Sell to the npc (which isn't the smartest option at all, netting you very little profit) Or sell on the GTN, giving us really 2 options here. The option that is the most optimal is the GTN route, as it also gives you the most profit, in varied times.



Here, in the GTN section, a windows opens up, allowing us to buy, or sell items, which can make you very good credits if done correctly, some items will be lower than expected, which you then can use to sell at the regular price

At the selling section, we can use this to sell our items for whatever prices we wish to sell it for


Going back to the inventory will let us pick what items we want to sell, we can sell the scavenging metals and compounds all at once or at seperate times



Now that our item is prepared to be selled, we have a variety of options, such as choosing the number of days we want to sell it for (6 - 12 hours, 1 to 2 days), the buyout price, and the deposit price. When you feel that your item is ready to be sold, click on the create sale button



Now that our item is sold, all there is left is to have patience to wait, and recieve the credits. You can now rinse and repeat with the method and instantly become a millionaire in this game, as long as you are patient enough


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