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How to Play BasketBall with Style


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How to Play BasketBall with Style

First of all, i just thought it would be funny to make a small topic on how to play Tongue out This is just a collection of funny screenshots that i took which has some(very little) connection with basketball plays)

I dunno if this is considered a valid entry or not, but anyway am just doing it for fun Cool

Learning To Play BasketBall with Style.


We will be talking about BasketBall match which is to be conducted on 2051AD. And we are going to learn how to play it, with style. This will help you to learn  various techniques that can be used to play.


Lets start with some basic defence styles

Jumping for the ball : To stop the other team from scoring in your basket, sometime you have to jump high to stop their ball throws or passes. This is how you do it :

Jumping for the ball


Stopping rival passes: Sometimes the rival team tries to pass the ball to their team mates looking to score a point and this is how you stop it, You jump right to the middle and grab it !

Jump 2


Think like your rivals : The best defence is the best offence, think like your enemies and predict their movement, this is how you think like a real basketball player, think right , think left !

Thinking right


Thinking left



Defending like a pro : Inorder to defend like a pro, you need to learn like a pro. All you need is little patience like this friend, learn to defend again a fast ball. Here , as soon as the door opens, a ball is being thrown and you have to be lightning fast to catch it !




Getting a passed ball : The best way to grab a pass from your team mate is by jumping to confuse your rival team and to get the ball very easily and this is how you do it with STYLE !



Time for some offence tactics !


Dash and throw : It is an amazing technique used by the most pro players in the basketball world, learning this is compulsory for a good victory.



Grabbing the ball from a rival : Be fast, Be agile , Be Angry. Thats how you get the ball back from a rival !



Scoring : Scoring is the most important thing to remember, when you try to score, SCORE WITH STYLE !!! Do a smash attack to make the fans happy







Thats all folks, i hope you learned some new techniques in basketball :D

Gamerz900 posted at 2013-03-27 07:57:53

Yay ! This guide got me a total of 3000 FanBucks !
Gamerz900 posted 7 years 8 weeks ago
well, a double win since you got the 1st place xD
ultrascati95 posted 7 years 8 weeks ago
Ahaha, so good <3
Raytiger3 posted 7 years 8 weeks ago

Yay ! This guide got me a total of 3000 FanBucks !

well, a double win since you got the 1st place xD

Ahaha, so good <3

Ty man :)

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