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Hey guy's back with another guide.This one took a lot of idea to set up.So today i'll be telling you which gun should you go for.
The most common thing about both the gun's is that both of them are available at 50000sp/110 gcoin's.
But let me tell you both the gun's have differences.
The weapon bomb under the UZI is one of the most rarest gun in the game the DEVIL UZI trust me this gun is surely meant for people you usually have lot's of Gcoin's .Under the SCAR-H come's the GOLD SCAR-H which is now available in the capsule shop.But this gun can now be bought with Sp.
Now coming to the most important thing:Which Is Better?
Coming up with the Accuracy both are quite good but the UZI is better than the SCAR-H because , the UZI after not having a scope has a better accuracy than the scoped gun SCAR-H.But guy's the DEVIL UZI has a scope which further improves the gun.
Coming up to the Damage surely the SCAR-H has a higher damage than the UZI.
Next up we have the R.O.F (rate of fire) well the rate of fire in the UZI is lesser to the SCAR-H most of them would not agree to me.But it's true.
Then is the Recoil which is surely 0 under the UZI but the SCAR-H has quite a high Recoil.Although the UZI does have some recoil but it does not effect when you shooting in a far of distance.
Last up is the judgement.Which Is Better??
Well i would rate the UZI and 8/10 and ill rate the SCAR-H a 7/10.The UZI is better than the SCAR-H by one point only because of the Accuracy and the light weight.
Hope the guide has helped you.
Do Fan it if you like it.
Till then.

Akash Das posted at 2011-12-31 05:11:17

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