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Tips to make you pro!!!!


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Tips to make you pro!!!!

Few tips i would like to share which would make you a pro:

1)Always make sure you have full ammo.Reload everytime you get a kill.
2)When your playing a team death match make sure as soon as the game starts you stay in your base until all the players have thrown their grenades and have reached the middle of the map
3)No need to camp with your sniper all the time may find sneak to the opponent's area and camp there
without them even realizing it.
4)Don't waist your grenade throwing it blindly it is of no use.Make sure you know exactly were the enemy is and then keeping the perfect aim you surely can get a kill.
5)Always make sure while you playing a sniper match and you want to rush then dont rush blindly.You better keep jumping and crouching as you go ahead
6)Most important of all never share any of your things with other people who state they would give you free g coins
7)Always wait for your enemies to come out before you charge on them
8)Always get a good spot to cover your self
9)While your playing the sniper match always change your position
10)Always ensure you have the best of equipments

Akash Das posted at 2011-11-13 02:21:16

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