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Soldier Front Begginer's Guide


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Soldier Front

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Soldier Front Begginer's Guide

Well when I joined this game I actually did not know much about what is the best gun to buy when i started. But soon I realized that the m4(320000SP) was quite famous because I found most of the players with the m4 did better compared to players with other guns. I also came to understand that PSG(sniper) was equally as famous compared to the other sniper rifles. Well I guess i have confused you guys let me clear your doubts.

As you join the game you get (60000SP). Then we get an option to choose between a primary and a sniper although we have only one choice in the sniper option that is the PSG, but we have lot's of options in the primary section.LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING YOU BUY COSTLY GUN YOU LACK IN THE END BUYING THE BETTER GUNS so what do we do . We buy a m4(32000SP). We are then left with 28000SP then we buy the secondary weapon the options are you buying a Beretta or Glock.I recon you buy the glock and then sell it. Then we have the grenade section i suggest you to buy m67 grenade. In the end you are left somewhere near 21-22000 SP. Now till the time you become a Luietanant you have 110000.Then I recommend you buying a sniper instead of a primary rifle surely because m4 is the best rifle as far as i know .

Hope you this info has helped do *like* it!!!!.....

Akash Das posted at 2011-11-13 01:19:49

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