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P90 is a very good gun. This gun lacks in power due to which the damage done by it is quiet less. This gun is available for 25,000 sp with no restriction, i.e. you can buy it even if you are a trainee. The P90 also has somewhat good accuracy, so it's best used in narrow corridors and preferably fired while jumping around. The 50 bullet clip gives an advantage in firefights which is the magazine size of this gun. The recoil for P90 is standard and the precision too. P90 is a gun having standard weight due to which you can run faster with it and is easy to carry. The reload also doesn’t take much time and the moment you take it out you can start shooting without waiting. The rate of fire in this gun is very high as high as MAC-10 which is higher than UZI. This gun is a good option to buy for those whose love UZI and MAC-10 and can’t buy it due to the restriction of their rank. So do buy it and enjoy with it.

madhuth posted at 2011-12-03 03:40:59

How is this a guide, all you did was list specs?
hitman180 posted 9 years 42 weeks ago

How is this a guide, all you did was list specs?

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