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M4A1 vs. SCAR-H


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M4A1 vs. SCAR-H

Scar-H is a rifle which is very good gun according to me but I think M4A1 is way better than it. Many people earlier loved this gun as this was the only powerful gun which had a scope with it. This was the most popular gun then, but now this is not true. Though even nowadays some of the people do have SCAR-H but the demand has really gone down with the introduction of M4A1 and other new guns. Recently to again regain the popularity now you can get a gold SCAR-H in capsules for sp, which is just amazing. You can buy a weapon bomb with sp which you can’t do with M4A1. This rifle is quiet powerful gun which is quiet good for a rifle like this where as M4A1 is again a rifle and it is more powerful than SCAR-H. If the power is high the damage ought to be high due to which you can kill the enemy in 4-5 shots if shot on target where as a M4A1 you will take 3-4 shots to take an enemy down. This is a good gun for practicing. You can say that this is a gun meant for armature that can learn to play. This weapon has very bad recoil which is the only drawback of this rifle. Your gun keeps on moving up when shot continuously due to which you tend to miss the target which is the same case for M4A1. Though this gun has a good accuracy but when it comes for scope you can’t play with it. You must be thinking that since this gun has a scope, it’ll be like a sniper. But I am sorry to tell that the scope is useless, you can’t play at all. You’ll just keep missing if try shooting with your scope. This rifle has a high rate of fire which is less than M4A1. You can easy kill at least 2 people at a single load or more if you can play with it. The weight of this rifle is standard, i.e. it is neither too heavy nor too light. This can be taken out easily without wasting any time and start shooting. This rifle comes for 50,000 sp ,which is a bit cheap than other 2ND lieutenant guns like MAC-10, MAC-10, FA-MAS, AK 47,etc. there is a rank restriction for this rifle. Whereas M4A1 has no rank restriction and is way cheaper than SCAR-H. This also comes for 105 g coins. Overall this is a rifle which is considered above average and has the potential to be the best, so if you want to try it then you can try it. There is no harm in trying but M4A1 is way better than this rifle and is way more consistent than SCAR-H.

M4A1 is a very good primary weapon but is a great rival of SCAR-H. This can be an ideal weapon for beginners at the starting of the game. M4A1 is one of the best rifles amongst all the other rifles, better than SACR-H. This rifle comes for 22,500sp which is quiet cheaper than SCAR-H which comes for 50,000sp. It comes with a 30 bullets magazine size capacity which is quiet good. The power is also standard, so it is not for those who love powerful guns like the AK 47 OR AK 74 but is equivalent to the power of SCAR-H. The recoil is less when compared to SCAR-H, here M4A1 got the point. Because of less recoil you can even jump and shoot at the target thus making it difficult for the enemy to shoot you. The damage done by M4A1 is also good, so just by shooting 3-4 shots M4A1’s accuracy is considered to be the best of all and it is very true as it is way more accurate than SCAR-H. It is weighed quiet light due to which you can run with it faster which is not the same for SCAR-H. Not to forget the rate of fire, in this rifle the rate of fire is very high due to which you can kill faster. The rate of fire is considered to be a little faster than SCAR-H whose rate of fire is very high almost equal to the rate of fire of UZI. There is no rank restriction for this gun as you can buy it in the starting of the game which you can’t do with SCAR-H and this is again a plus point for M4A1. The repair too doesn’t goes so fast which means that this gun is consistent and can be used for how much ever time you wish to. Overall if you look over the stats M4A1 is the most popular and the critic’s choice so do try it because it is the best.
M4A1 comes in various varieties:
Therefore M4A1 is better.

UsF posted at 2012-01-07 09:26:14

hey mate don't mind but a bit of grammatical mistakes but nvm nice guide
sleepDaddy posted 8 years 18 weeks ago

hey mate don't mind but a bit of grammatical mistakes but nvm nice guide

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