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The m14 vs The Psg


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The m14 vs The Psg

Hey guy's this is another guide i made up which is quite a lot going to tell you about the m14 and the Psg.Well luckily i have enough Sp to have both these gun's but in case you don't and you need to make a choice then which one do you choose ?
Well surely i am going to help you out.
The m14 is a new gun which has come and is available in 42000Sp where as the Psg which has been there since ages is only of 20,000.
The best part is the Psg as well as the M14 is the only 2 sniper rifles which have continuous shot's.
Then we have the scope which is quite good in the Psg but quite bad in the M14.Scope does play an important role when you playing in a sniper match in a far distance.
Then we have the Damage which is again high in the Psg and less in the M14.But guy's i have a point to clear that the M14 shot's are more faster than any other sniper in the game including the psg.
The clip is equal in both the sniper which is 5/10.
The type's available in the game are,under the Psg there are the Red Tiger Psg,Golden Psg,Engraving Psg,Dragon Psg.But the m14 doesn't have any type as a sure reason that the gun is quite new and will take time for the other type's of sniper to come.
So the better of the two?
Well ill rate the M14 a 7/10 where as ill rate the PSG a 9/10.
The Psg is quite better only because it is reliable ,cheap ,accurate easy to shoot
Hope this guide has helped you.
Do wait for more
Thank you

Akash Das posted at 2011-12-14 08:20:51

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