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How to achieve a spot in the top 3 in horror mode


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How to achieve a spot in the top 3 in horror mode

I'm making another guide today. Yes, i know so many guides, why? I have nothing better to do than to make more and more guides. I am current on vacation (lucky me) so why not keep posting guides? Now, it may seem like a whole cluster of them within 15 minutes, but trust me I take my time at them. Now I will tell you about horror mode. Ever wonder why those players in the game manage to get 1k points or more in game? Well I will tell you how, and I've been up there before.

The things you will need are : RDG, a knife, prevent grenade kill, good timing and patience :)

1. Do you want to know how those players get to the very high spots of the map? Well they use RDG. RGD's are more effective than M16 Grenades plus when they detonate they give you a farther jump than those green looking grenades. First of all you must find a spot where all the people usually go to, if you don't know the spot just follow them there.

2. Now Secondly, pull out your RGD. (If you don't have one, I'm afraid your out of luck and you'll have to hope that someone throws one out for you.) After pulling your RGD out, aim toward the bottom of where you are at, or slightly up. If you want, you can aim it between where you are at and where you want to go.

3. Now here comes the hard part. Just where should I throw it in? If you throw it too low, you'll come up short. Too high, and it'll explode before it comes back down. It has to be just right, in the middle of both so you just make it where you want to go to. Once you figured that out, throw your RGD, or drop it after picking your spot.

4. Soon after that, immediately pull out your knife. If you attempt to do this with gun, pistol, or smoke/flash, you will fail. You only have a few seconds before it explodes, so now it just comes to the right timing. If you have enough patience, you will go just before it explodes. If you go too early, you'll end up short. Too late, and you will get a very little jump. Now just wait patiently. Also, if you don't have prevent grenade kill, the grenade will kill you instead and you will turn into a zombie.

5. Once you think it will explode, run with your knife and just before you fall to the ground jump off the spot you are on. It should explode and you should reach that high spot you were looking for. (Just make sure you have prevent grenade kill or otherwise your dead.) If you make the jump, Congrats! Your chances of achieving a spot in the top 3 are greatly increased. If you didn't make it, it's ok. Just keep on trying, eventually you'll get it.

6. Some maps have a even higher spot that you cant find on most maps. Most people by then run out of RGDs to make it up there. But if your lucky, you can still use that 1 RGD left to get up there. Just repeat the same process in 2 to 5.

7. If you can complete all of this, Congratz to you! Soon you will be on your way to being a top player in horror mode! Now, if there are very few zombies that turn men, and lots of female zombies, you will most likely get lucky. It will take them a lot of jumps to get where you are, so now you can just bring out your gun and start firing. Enjoy being a top player in horror mode!

tiger300000 posted at 2011-12-29 17:40:57

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