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FA-MAS vs. MAC-10


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FA-MAS vs. MAC-10

FA-MAS is the most popular weapon after UZI and MAC-10. This gun is a great rival of both the guns, UZI and MAC-10. This weapon is quiet powerful, almost equal to the power of M4A1. like any other spray gun this too is extremely powerful at close range and fires very fast, but power is greatly diminished by distance, and can actually make a damage of 1 when far enough which makes it like a shotgun. So this gun is not meant to shoot at long range. This is best for one on one combat where you can easily defeat your enemy if he has a MAC-10. Like I said before that this weapon has high power so this means that the damage done by this too would be high, therefore just by shooting 5-6 bullets near the head region or stomach region the enemy would be down until the enemy has any armor. This gun is available for 58,000sp which is quiet expensive than MAC-10, but there is a restriction in the rank, i.e. you have to be a 2ND lieutenant to be eligible to buy this which is the same for MAC-10. It has 30 bullets sized magazine in 1 round and there are total of 4 rounds. Not to worry about the ammo, you can easily take it by pressing ‘e’ near your team mate’s or your enemy’s grave. The recoil is standard for this gun but this is more than MAC-10 whose recoil is almost negligible. The accuracy is very high due to which you never miss the target, however you shoot which is not the case with MAC-10. For this gun too like MAC-10, UZI the rate of fire is very high because of which you can kill faster than any other gun. This gun can beat MAC-10. There are two types of FA-MAS available:
Normal FA-MAS

MAC-10 is a very good weapon and is considered to be a great rival of the weapon FA-MAS. Both the gun are quiet good for rushing but between both of them or any other gun MAC-10 is the best gun for rushing. It considered being one of the best gun out of all the other guns but FA-MAS is slightly better than FA-MAS. MAC-10 is a Sub machine Gun which is very good. Nowadays MAC-10 is very popular amongst the soldiers. As MAC-10 is Sub machine Gun, it ought to have less power, unlike FA-MAS which has high power. This Sub machine gun is considered very weak and somewhat inaccurate over distance, which it the only disadvantage of this gun other wise this gun is awesome while on the other hand FA-MAS is not at all accurate over distance as the power is diminished and the damage done by it goes to 1. MAC-10 is generally for close combat and not for distant shooting, where as FA-MAS is used for both. This Sub machine Gun has a 30 bullet magazine capacity which is good but, so you have to reload just after you kill an enemy due to which your ammo goes quiet fast. To take more ammunition, after killing your enemy take his ammo by pressing ‘e’ near his green box without any respect of his gun. The damage done by this Sub machine Gun is standard, which is neither high nor low. FA-MAS being a rifle have high damage than MAC-10. MAC-10 comes with a very low recoil almost negligible which is the best part of it with the help of which you can shoot even jumping and continuously without missing the target, which is not the case with FA-MAS whose recoil is a bit more than MAC-10. Accuracy of this sub machine gun is standard too, so you won’t miss the target in close range but you will surely miss from long range. One more plus point about MAC-10 is that it is very light so it is easy to carry and to take out. The best part about this Sub machine Gun is that the rate of fire is very fast which is very useful in one on one combat. With such a good rate of fire you can kill at a very fast rate. You can buy this awesome gun for 55,000 sp but there is a rank restriction i.e. you have to be 2nd lieutenant to be able to get this gun. This gun is not at all consistent because the repair goes quiet fast and when the gun is broken you can’t even aim properly, to be precise you can’t play with this gun. So by looking over the stats this is a very good gun but there are some aspects which show the bad quality of this gun. So I would like to say that if you have a choice between FA-MAS and MAC-10 then surely go for FA-MAS and after that try MAC-10 if possible. Both the guns are good but most of the times FA-MAS is able to beat MAC-10.

UsF posted at 2012-01-02 08:56:50

i Love FAMAS(:
lnvadee posted 4 years 30 weeks ago

i Love FAMAS(:

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