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Desperado Vs Spas-12


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Desperado Vs Spas-12

Hey guy's yet back with the most common doubt people have when they need to choose between a secondary-shotgun.That's where i come in to help you choose between both the best shot gun the game has invented.
Moving on to the topic.
1)The damage is the most crucial part of the shot gun .Where the DESPERADO is way ahead of the SPAS -12 as the DESPERADO need only 1 shot in the chest to die where as the SPAS-12 needs 3 bullets with a proper aim on the chest
2)Then is the aim the shotgun is not meant to have a proper aim but both these shotgun's have a good aim when it come's on to short distance battle .
3)Then is the clip the DESPERADO has a clip of 4/16 which is quite enough to get 10 people killed.The Spas has a clip of 7/23 which may seem high but it equal's up as the damage is quite low as compared to the DESPERADO.
4)Coming toward's the SP the DESPERADO is 38000 where as the SPAS is of 42000.

Well which is better the DESPERADO or the SPAS-12
I recon i would give the DESPERADO a 9.5/10 and the SPAS-12 a 8/10.
The desperado is surely a high damage shot gun which suits to be the best secondary-shotgun.
Hope this guide has helped you.Do fan it if you like it.
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Akash Das posted at 2011-12-14 08:38:49

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