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##$Aug A3 Review!!$##





















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The AUG A3 is the newest model of Austria’s Steyr. Designed with modern warfare in mind, it houses a modular system that makes modification easy. The AUG A3 still retains the original’s bullpup design, which is easy to handle in fast-paced encounters, while the rails mounted on all four sides of its barrel ensure easy and fast attachment and detachment of accessories. Available only to operatives whose rank is 2nd Lieutenant or higher.


Weapon specifications:


Well this is an average gun when it comes to damage, as in the battlefield it would be hard for you to take on your enemies who have guns with more damage. So in a close 1 on 1 combat, it would lose. As it can easily do a double kill and multi kill rarely. So I’m not satisfied with the damage part of this primary rifle. This is one of the Con’s of the Primary Rifle



This is the best part of this primary rifle which I like as its one of the most accurate primary rifles, which covers up for the average damage. Its accurate over long ranges. Even the scope is quiet good, as some primary rifles which come with scope, their scopes are useless as it can’t aim, and your bullets would go here and there. This is one of the Pro’s of the primary rifle



There isn’t much recoil in this rifle, as the damage being average, the recoil is average, which is good as when you shoot continuously your crosshair wouldn’t go up, and you could run and shoot with it, or even jump and shoot. Its quiet easy.



This primary rifle isn’t that heavy, so it’s quiet easy to carry around, though it does reduce your speed, but not as much as other primary rifles.


Rate of fire

Rate of fire is also average for this primary rifle, which makes it non feasible for those who either love Damage or Rate of Fire. So it makes the primary rifle go down the rank, and is considered to be one of the Con’s of the primary rifle.



It has got a clip size of 30 bullets in one round, and has 4 such rounds, summing it to a total of 120. That means is 30/120. Which is same for almost all primary rifles?


Rank restriction

Well you need to be a 2nd Lieutenant to be able to purchase this primary weapon



In the starting you’ll find it hard to use, but then you’ll get your hands on it, and play like a pro.



Yes, there is a scope attachment which comes with this, and that scope really comes in handy over the long range shootout.





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