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3 Tips on why SAS is the best character to have in SF


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Soldier Front

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3 Tips on why SAS is the best character to have in SF

Its late, I know. The clocks winding down to make guides, so its time to go into zone mode. I bring to you another guide on soldier front, and its on characters. Now, there are many characters In SF to pick from, but in my opinion, the SAS is the best one to have. I will share with you 3 tips on why it is the best character in soldier front.
1. The SAS contains more items than any other character. This means, that you can do a lot of customization with the SAS. You can equip over 10 items as well since there are a variety of choices to pick from.

2. The items give you the most special points. There are 3 items in there that give more special points than the other characters have. The other characters only have 2 items, and for some characters, only 1.

3. It has a good tank ability. If you've ever seen players with the SAS, you would notice that they often tank a lot. With a lot of tanking, the players who have the SAS have an advantage over other players.
I hope that you somewhat enjoyed this guide.

sct posted at 2012-06-16 20:39:17

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