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Soldier Front 2

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Hey guys i was wondering if they added Clan System in SF 2?And btw is there still mass amount of hackers?

bardhb posted at 2013-04-06 09:24:23


  • Advance said:

    I agree with Goku, there will definitely be a clan system in SF2. not to mention competitive leagues and tournaments. Depending on the host, (Aeria in this case), I hope there isn't alot of hackers. I think your hacking question is reference to SF not SF2 (as it's not released yet)... "is there still mass amount of hackers?"

    7 years 42 weeks
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  • goku1997 said:

    Well there would be clan system in SF2, and the talk of hackers, well they'll find it harder to get SF2 hacked, not that easy..:)

    7 years 42 weeks
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