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State of Soldier Front 2 Address *November Edition* - by Aeria Games PM


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Soldier Front 2

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State of Soldier Front 2 Address *November Edition* - by Aeria Games PM

Hello Soliders!

This is the November, second edition Producer blog! Unlike the previous State of Soldier Front 2 address, this one wont be as long, as most of you already know what we will be discussing. This edition will address some much heated discussions, such as:

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State of Soldier Front
November 2013 Edition

The War Against Hacks Continues…


As many of you know, hacking is a endless battle that will never end. I am here to be completely open and honest with you here. Games such as: APB reloaded, BF3, BF4, COD, War Z, etc etc have hacks no matter which Anti-Service they use. Our job here is to eliminate as many hackers as possible, and work with Dragonfly and Xigncode to patch these hacks ASAP for you. From my understanding, we've been patching relatively quick, and have noticed that the hacking situation has died down a bit.

Although there are still some hackers in game, those are the ones that we need to work together, and have them reported, investigated, then removed from SF2. As it was discussed in the previous months, we are not only banning their accounts, once they have been caught and confirmed, we completely remove them from SF2, meaning... that specific person, will not be returning.

As mentioned in the Ocotber update, some players might argue that there are a lot of hackers, wallers, etc etc... please remember, players that are skilled at the game, listens closely to foot steps to see where you are. Please don't mistake Skills for hacking.

While we patch all hacks immediately, please do us a favor and report them through the RT system so we can review the video / image and get them removed from game.

@Players who complain on forums about hackers: You know who you are. Please help us by reporting hackers. If you do not wish to assist the community, then dont, but please note that continuing to start flaming threads, etc etc, will result in the thread being locked, and can be subjected to your account being suspended.

Report players here

Kill cam

As many of you know, Kill Cam has been broken, and not registering correctly, which is a reason why players think another player is hacking. Due to this, we will be removing the kill cam function until its resolved. This will be removed in the November content update.

Report button

This button is being worked on, and will come in the November update.

Kick feature

After much consideration and discussion with Dragonfly, this feature will be implemented in November. Please note that abusing the kick feature can/will result in your account being suspended.

My last thoughts and words on hacking / hackers... You will get caught eventually by a player, a GM, or myself. By hacking you are taking a risk that you will never be able to play SF2 again, and taking a risk that your IP will be completely banned from Aeria games. Hack is you wish, but there are consequences by doing this. With me, second chancesWILL NOT BE GIVEN

Things that changed this month...

- Report button added
- Kick function added
- Lag issues patched
- updating hack definitions

With Each Month Comes New Stuff...

November will be an extremely EPIC MONTH! We have the following comming to Soldier Front 2:

- 1 new Sabatoge map
- 1 new Seizure map
- 1 new SP capsule
- .50 Calibur Desert Eagle
- Kick function
- Report button

- +++ much more!

Issues within Soldier Front...

Sometimes I know it feels like I am MIA and not reading your suggestions in the forums, but I am. I am taking all your suggestions and trying hard to make the game a much better place for AP spenders, and Non-Ap spenders. I will be working hard with the Developers to have all your concerns addressed and will keep everyone updated! I promise, with the help from everyone here, us together, will make SF2 a great place to be.

Monthly Clan rating reset. Clans will keep their "overall" rating, but a monthly rating will be added. With this monthly rating, top clans will receive AP rewards, Items, and the TOP clan will receive an exclusive weapon. Another thread will be created, once its finalized


We will be doing more events only the course of the week to provide players who cant spend AP with cash items! All you have to do is play, and you get free items! Please continue to log on each day to see what new events are running!

Game Sages

As you know, Soldier Front 2 has one of the best Game Sage team. They are truly devoted to SF2 and devoted to YOU. These Game Sages will be hosting tournaments, capsule events in game, forum events to give free AP/Capsules out, etc etc. They are all doing an amazing job, and I will continue to support them, to support you.

Please note that all the Game Sages have direct contact with me, and harrassment in game, hacking, etc etc will not be tolerated, and will be addressed by me immediately. Allow the Game Sages to do their job, and I guarantee that the SF2 community will grow and prosper.

I believe that is it for my November update! Remember Soldiers, help us report hackers, and help us grow SF2. We have many new content and weapons coming to SF2, so stay tune!

Here is a teaser on what is coming to SF2:

If you wanna see a stream of GM Devo showing off these maps/guns, subscribe to his twitch channel

Click Here to watch

-Memphis [Aeria Games PM]

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