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Dam - The small Atom!


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Soldier Front 2

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Dam - The small Atom!


Hey Fanuppers Idiotstunt is Back! This time something new will be presented. Its the maps that people need reviews on so I thought of proving you with information of maps. Basically  in these types of guides i will be telling you about the atmosphere, rushing, sniping spots , basic motto and a lot more. So in my first map description i will be talking on a very famous map of soldier front 2 which is none other than Dam. Well in this guide i will just be talking all about Dam!. So keep your fingers crosses as the mystery is just beginning!


CoolFoot in mouthAtmosphere!LaughingSurprised

You can say its a warehouse build in place full of mountains, factories belching smoke and the two red team ready to move on that muddy surface. There is a use of beautifully carved stones which can be seen in the pics down. It looks like a huge mountain is bombarded which nuclear atoms and made a muddy place with blue sky and the silver darts all over! Its a wonderful place for picnic and to tan yourself which is made into a war campaign between two teams! Well now lets talk about the important spots of this map! This map totally looks like a real dam without water flowing for hydroelectric energy!


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Well this category is the most important for all the players. Well rushing is important usually for sprayers but in this case i.e. in particularly this map (DAM) which is a small map in gaming language both sprayers and snipers play a major role! Rushing has both advantages and disadvantages. As this is short map players have to keep moving from place to place in order to protect themselves and kill some ample amount of people. Well this was the advantage and bad side of it is that there are snipers that hide themselves behind those rusted iron blocks and as soon as their scope catches your sight they just pull the trigger and that bullet gushes through your forehead! well thats all about rushing and now lets move on to the sniping spots!


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Sniping plays an important role in this map! This is a small map so there are not much sniping spots as other maps like Factory and Desert Camp but yes sniping can be done here. There are two different teams! In both the bases there is an equal facility for sniping but the blue one is a bit less facilitated! There are not much snipers but the ones who have mastered this skill have found quite a bit spots and top the table inspite of not spraying. As we know that sniper is a one shot kill so this helps a lot as people do not need to get into trouble but just hit one shot on the chest and a kill is automatically allocated to you! Now lets move on to the Basic Motto!


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Well Dam is basically a Team Death Match in which there are two teams with maximum capability of 16 players i.e. 8 players in each team. So each team has one and only one motto that is to kill their opposition and score either 3000 or 4000 or 5000 which can be set by the room host accordingly! Now i would say the map is small so both the teams are not able to survive for a longer time so there is a lot of hustle bustle between the two of them! Check out the vedio, I am sure it will help you in different ways!



Well thats all i have at current moment. There is a lot of competition up there. So pull up your socks and get ready to reach the highest peak!CoolLaughingWink


“Success in life is founded upon attention to the small things rather than to the large things; to the everyday things nearest to us rather than to the things that are remote and uncommon.”

idiotstunt posted at 2013-10-05 05:24:51

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