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Shadow Walker : Skills Build


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Shadow Walker : Skills Build

Hello comrades
I want to share my opinions about plusing skills for SW . This is my first time to write something like this , so feel free to post your opinions , better ideals if there is mistake.
This build is for PvP purpose (Shadow Walker 's best and only role) . But it still enough for PvE purpose.
:Catfight - Basic Attack
:Double Blow - Two Hits (10 points)
:Hack and Slash - Attack with additional Crit (Max - 14 points)
:Slaughter - Attack with huge additional Crit , 5 hits (Max - 9 Points)
:Fatal Thrust - No add Crit but powerful (Max - 6 points)
All attack skills except Double Blow will generate some chance to Critical . So focus in H&S , Slaughter , Fatal Thrust (max is best) . Only need some points in Double Blow (5-7).

:Fade - Invisible , only in Non-Combat state , duration is 30s , 35s , 40s in lv1,2,3 (Max - 3 points)
:Shadow Strike - Attack when invisible only , remove Concealment and Additional Crit (High) (3 Points)
:Secret Change - Charge and attack , target will be immobilized if attack succeeds ( 3 points )
:Ghost Walk - Can use in Combat state , invisible and move faster , low duration (Max - 3 points)
Fade makes a brand for SW , so max Fade to increase it value . But don't need it to max it too soon , 1 point at lv10 and max before 30 .
Shadow Strike is important to start a PvP fight , so i think we should put in some points
Only need 3 points in Secret Change , and max Ghost Walk for escaping purpose

3.Particle and Voltage
:Crippler - Particle Chakra , high damage but the min and max attack strength range is broad . Decrease Aggro (0 points)
:Shadow Dance - Particle Chakra , high damage , AOE , the min and max attack strength range is broad . Decrease Aggro (0 Points)
:Death Blow - Voltage Chakra . High Damage . Disable enemy (3 points)
:Twilight Explosion - Voltage Chakra . High damage , AOE Disable. (Max - 4 points)
SW is good at 1vs1 , so i think we can skip Shadow Dance . Crippler requires high lv to becomes powerful , and it costs lots of points . So we focus in Death Blow . Twilight Explosion is AOE but it has disable - very useful . The choice is your

4.Other Buff and Debuff
:Contortionist - Buff , move faster for short duration ( 2 points)
:Miss Misery - Buff , increase ACC , Ch-ACC , EVA and Ch-EVA ( Max - 5 Points)
:Eagle Eye - Buff , boots Crit (Max - 3 points)
:Escape Artist - Buff , greatly increase EVA and Ch-EVA for VERY short duration (1 Point only)
:Flare - Gravity Chakra , AOE damage and knoct-out (1 point only , maybe 0 point )
:Skyjump - Blink to the specified location (in range) . Very long countdown - 1min 40sec ( Max with 1 point)
Contortionist has short duration , 2 point is enough to open Miss Misery
Max Miss Misery and Eagle Eye for escape and counter strike
Escape Artist can be maxed , but 1 points is enough
Flare is fun , 1 points for knoct-out , usefull in combat with many purposes
Skyjump only need 1 points to max , so why not ?

:Advanced Health Mastery - increase % MAX HP (Very important since you are Paper - Claw) (Max is VERY VERY good)
:Soul Mastery - increase % MAX SP (Not need any points - potions is good enough) ( No point here)
:Concealment Mastery - increase Concealment value (Important to avoid detected , but not need to learn it too soon , after lv30 is good) (Max is VERY good)
:Accuracy Mastery - increase % Physical ACC (After lv20) (Max is good)

In lv 70 (OMG) , you will complete this skills tab .
Sorry if my English is bad
Special thanks:
- Your attention
-.Reyva. for the wonderful Skill Simulator (
- Aeria Games and Scarlet Blade teams for the game

zackefron posted at 2013-06-12 01:20:32

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